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It's a family portrait: Two weeks near Lake Garda

Traveling with your family can be a roller coaster business: They’re the few people who have known you all your life, they are well aware of how you magnificent you look at 7am or when you have the flue, they've seen you achieve great things and they've watched you behaving like an idiot. No pressure. But it can also be an awesome, long overdue reunion when [...]

Beirut Diaries: The thing with new beginnings

The thing with new beginnings is that you can never be quite sure whether taking the risk was worth it until you’re all happy and settled in. I’ve had a lot of new beginnings over the years so I knew that feeling low without any legitimate reason in the first few days, questioning that entire decision and feeling like you’ll never fit in anywhere (pardon me,[...]

How to get a into a traveler's mindset from home

I recently caught myself blurting out something along the lines of “I think being a traveler is more like a mindset than a job description or a hobby”. This piece of utter wisdom may or may not have been the result of a rosé wine infused night in a Hoxton bar, but either way, it did make me think the morning after. If traveling increases our life qual[...]

Glamping and roadtripping in Wales

You know it’s a good day when you start the day at 6am, jump in a car and drive a few hundred miles west, hike up a mountain and then spot about ten dolphins doing their thing from the top. But let me start at the beginning. It was about 50 hours until my graduation, 62 hours until I’d leave England, so there’d at least be 48 hours for a decent la[...]

3 ways to fall in love on the road

You know it’s summer when the Travelettes Instagram challenge is in full swing. Except that a few butterflies in your belly also wouldn’t hurt while munching away on the tenth ice cream, dancing your heart out at an indie festival or if you’re indeed traveling and looking for some adventure. There is something special about falling head over travelettes hee[...]

12 hours in Lisbon

You're searching for an easy, affordable and memorable weekend escape? Well, look no further because I've just come back from Lisbon with a suitcase of suggestions and sunny photos for you. The city has a track record of being overwhelmed with affection from the Travelettes and we’ve written many words about its timeless seaside beauty, stunning street art a[...]

Laters London: A break-up letter

Leaving London and getting on yet another long haul flight with all my belongings (a grand total of two suitcases, ehem) feels a bit like ending a long, exhausting and beautiful relationship. Ever wondered how you can feel that way about a city? Read my break-up letter to Europe’s most gorgeous pearl. (I dropped a few cool location tips for you which wil[...]

Travel Essentials for a trip to the Middle East

While American drones raining down on Pakistan and Yemen (bet you never read that intro in a travel piece) may disqualify them from being the ideal places for a female solo traveler, a large part of the Middle East is very much suitable for exploring and getting inspired. My no. 1 girl crush Sophia Bush recently made a trip through the Middle East and her li[...]

Making your dream come true, one food cart a time

Spain’s economy isn’t exactly thriving at the moment. In fact, its unemployment rate for under 25 year-old's is at a staggering 54% (!) (the overall employment rate lying at 25%) which beats most other European countries. So that’s not a very tempting climate to take risks and turn your biggest passion into a job, right? Except that, for Silvia Cabra, it[...]

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