I won’t hide that I was more than a little excited to be asked to test-drive the new ASUS Transformer Book T100. In many ways the clever design of laptop and tablet in one is ideal and I really wish my Macbook Air had that same feature. I dont own a tablet so I find myself regularly feeling jealous at everyone I see who does have one, especially those who travel. “Why not just buy one?”, I hear you wonder. The problem is that I need to retouch photos on the go and for that I need a proper laptop. But if I can have both, THEN YES, I’LL HAVE BOTH, thank you very much.

asus t100 powerbook

Before I used a Mac I went through many years of using Microsoft computers, so Windows wasn’t completely new territory for me – or so I thought. In reality Windows 8.1 really is a completely different ballgame to the time when I left things at Vista.

What I noticed right away was the intuitive usability. I must say I am completely guilty of never ever ever reading a manual (I’m more likely to call a friend and whine until they come and help me) and everything that is so complicated that I cannot figure it out by applying the trial and error principle is no fun to use. Thankfully that was not the case here. Instead everything is readily compiled on the desktop – internet, camera, apps – you name it.

A tablet for holiday mode, a laptop for workmode

I was excited to bring the ASUS Transformer Book T100 with me on my 3 month trip through Thailand. I want this to be a fun time to spend with me and my baby son but I do have to spend his nap times and evenings to work. As a working mother the one thing I need is flexibility. The T100 gives it to me. As a tablet it is so light that I bring it with me wherever I go. I use it to shoot a video diary of my trip (the camera is great quality!), to take selfies with my son (he giggles so much when he sees himself on the tablet!), to go online when I’m at a restaurant (which happens 3 times a day right now) and as a laptop in the evenings, when I sit on the balcony of my hotel room working or typing this blogpost while baby Atlas is snoozing.

asus t100 powerbook

As a photographer my prime concerns in a computer are a crisp display with vivid colors, a good quality camera to shoot videos and photos and a good amount of space on the hard disk (500GB!!!!!!!). As a traveler I want a product that is light, easy to use and ticks as many boxes as possible without taking up a lot of space or drilling a giant hole in my budget. As a blogger I want a fast system, a quality keyboard to type all my blogposts on and longlasting battery power that insures I can go online whenever I want (and not whenever a power outlet is near).

High expectations, right? Well, I must say the ASUS Transformer Book T100 didn’t let me down on a single one of them. I didn’t think I might one day consider going back to Windows but the plus points of the T100 are weighing in heavily and at least for traveling I might switch to this one in the future.

asus t100 powerbook

On a more personal note – as a mom of a little boy I knew the day would come when I would have to get a tablet to always have an emergency cartoon handy when the flight gets too long and the restaurant visit too boring for the little one. Knowing that I won’t have to add yet another piece of electronics to me already very heavy hand luggage gives me exactly the peace of mind a working any mom longs for.

Do you think the ASUS Transformer Book T100 could be an ideal travel companion for you as well? Then tell us why in a comment for a chance to win one!

The winner will be selected on Friday, January 30th 2015. Good luck!

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed!

*This post was created in collaboration with ASUS.