If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but to already start thinking about christmas and the presents you want to give to everyone. You probably have friends, family and possibly co-workers to think of, that’s a lot of people you want to thank for keeping you company troughout the past year.

I’ve been roaming the internet lately for good ideas to make DIY christmas presents, as I do think, something you made is so much much more heartfelt than anything you could buy for money (excluding expensive high heels, designer purses and mini-trips).

Being a Travelette, i love all thing related to travel. Old maps, globes or even (framed) airplane tickets or sick bags can be turned into something unique and interesting. When I came across the work of Wendy Gold today, I couldn’t believe my luck. I am in awe with her art on globes, where she finds old globes at flea markets and yard sales and then goes on to decorate them in the most beautiful and creative ways imaginable. They’re all so stunning that I find it nearly impossible to pick a favorite (although the top 2 are strong contestants).

Wendy’s globes can be purchased here. Magical: all globes are unique pieces, so you can tell her your ideas and wishes for the globe you want her to make for you. What do you think a globe for the travelettes office should look like?

These lovely globes gave us a great idea on what to make for our folks and friends for christmas. Stay tuned for more coming up on that very soon!

If you end up decorating a globe, we would love to a see a picture of it! Send it to feedback@travelettes.net or share them on our facebook wall!