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Visiting Lucerne during the Festival of Lights

Switzerland is one of those slightly underrated destinations, which may have a good reputation for winter sports and snowy mountains but there really is so much more to it. I've been to Switzerland many times over the last years and every single time I realize just how nice it is. The delicious food, the laid-back people, the high standard in everything you [...]

A Love Letter to Newcastle upon Tyne, England

For a few years after I left university - a good ten years ago now - I struggled to make sense of my life. In a failing relationship and lurching from one silly job to another, I moved from city to city in the UK, trying to find a place I could call home. A friend from uni impulsively asked me to move in with her in her flat in Heaton, Newcastle, and I, equa[...]

Moving to Paris? Read this.

Paris is by far one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen - and this year I have fulfilled my dream to live here! However, while it really is like a dream come true, there are a few things about living in Paris, I wish I had known before. Not everything is the way I had imagined it... I had visited Paris for the first time in 2013 with my sister[...]

How to Choose a Meaningful Travel Destination

However long, enjoyable, or expensive your next vacation is shaping up to be, your chosen travel destination tends to be a huge part of that equation. That’s why the question of where to go can be pretty overwhelming, and brings up plenty of other questions. For instance, are you looking to soak up some sun on a quiet beach, or maybe in a mountain villa? [...]

City-tripping in Zurich: our slow travel wellness break

When I think about a girls’ getaway weekend, Zürich in the middle of February doesn’t immediately come to mind. I live in central Berlin, where midwinter is a chilly monotony of grey skies and overcoats. My energy for work and self care starts to flag. What usually re-energizes me is novelty, or a touch of heat on my skin. To my delight, a weekend stay at th[...]

My weekend with friends at a mountain chalet

Have you ever traveled with a group of friends? I have been fantasizing of renting a chalet in the mountains and bringing a bunch of my friends. A place where we could sit together until late at night, drinking wine by the fireplace, brunching on the terrace on a sunny day and skinny-dipping in the sauna followed by a bath in the snow. Sounds too good to be[...]

Our magical Winter-Getaway at Kaiserlodge in Tyrol

The Kaiserlodge had popped into my feed every now and again for years already. It was clearly a popular destination for winter and I had one too many times marveled at its beautiful lagoon pool and the classic, yet modern interior. Naturally I was excited when the invitation rolled around to go check it out for myself! I quickly purchased my train tickets, s[...]

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