Valentines month may be nearly over but romance certainly ain’t dead in these beautiful and unique shots depicting idealized love around the globe. New York based photographer Braden Summers spent six weeks travelling the world in order to recreate the images of romantic perfection we are bombarded with constantly in mainstream media, only this time using exclusively gay couples.


Summers, who identifies as gay himself, travelled through the UK, France, India, the Lebanon, South Africa, Brazil and the US, setting up scenes of how romance around the world could look in a future, more accepting time. The All Love is Equal project started last year on Kickstarter and hit a nerve with the public, raising over $23,000 as people dug deep to send him on his way.




Each shot celebrates different cultures using iconic emblems such as the NYC yellow taxi cab, Indian elephant and sumptuous, traditional costumes of the east. Ethnically appropriate models are utilized in the majority of the shots in order to not only protect the identity of people living in certain cultures where it could sadly be dangerous for them to reveal their sexuality but to dramatize scenes in order to achieve an image of too-good-to-be-true romantic perfection.



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Despite the trip coming to an end, it sounds like this series may just be the beginning for Summers as he has clearly experienced a few nips from that contagious travel bug we all know well. He announced he is eager to continue his project with Mexico and Asia targeted as next on his hit list. He also wants to include underrepresented transgender people to help promote his message that love knows no boundaries and romance is not merely the domain of straight couples despite the impression the mainstream media might give.



These little glimpses of sweethearts around the world deliver some uber-dreamy romance, exotic locations and a celebration of cultural diversity. What’s not to love?



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