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The Travelettes are a group of female travelers, writers and photographers sharing their travel stories online since August 2009. We come from all corners of the world and it is our goal to inspire, inform and motivate young women to travel more.

Being A Travelette - The Travelettes

The Travelette gets a manicure on Monday and Tuesday will go off to hike in the Himalaya. She does not conform to conventions and thinks Paris Fashion Week is just as exciting as stomping through the Amazon rain forest in rubber boots. She worries about matching colors but laughs off mosquito bites.

At Travelettes.net we hope to provide you with guidelines, tips and our personal experiences on all things travel. The Travelettes are your girlfriends who have been there, done that, and are always happy to give advice.

Sounds like you?

‘Being a Travelette’ means much more than just contributing to this website. All of our readers can be Travelettes. We run a Facebook group for women around the world to ask each other for advice and inspiration when planning their upcoming travels. Use the hashtags #iamatravelette and #traveletting to share your favourite pictures from home or abroad on Instagram – we feature our favourite regrams on our own account or invite guest-grammers for a weekend.

Get in touch!

We are happy to give individual feedback and advice on travelling and travel writing – take a look at our contributors’ profiles and drop one of us an email with all your questions, or reach us at hello@travelettes.net!

The Travelettes

Katja Hentschel
  • Katja Hentschel

  • Katja Hentschel founded travelettes.net after successfully completing a year of backpacking the world in heels. Her favorite modes of transportation are helicopters and jetskis and she would always trade a 5-course meal at a fancy restaurant for a hot soup at a Thai roadside kitchen. Give her a camera and a high five and she will go out and find adventure. Get in touch with her at katja@travelettes.net
Kathi Kamleitner
  • Kathi Kamleitner

  • Kathi left her home town Vienna behind as soon as she could say, 'I'm 18 now'. After studying and watching movies for money at film festivals in Denmark, Iceland and Berlin, she now has a new hometown: Glasgow, Scotland! Kathi is always preparing her next trip, documenting her every step with her camera, pen and phone. Her all time favourites are the beautiful nature of Iceland, Costa Rica and Canada. Find out more at Watch Me See. Send her some nice words at kathi@travelettes.net
Sophie Saint
  • Sophie Saint

  • Sophie joined Travelettes back in 2009 after she graduated and fled the UK for exotic adventures! She took on an epic backpacking trip that led her to discovering her favourite city, Melbourne. After a few years frolicking in Australia, she finally returned back to England. She whiles away her time planning European escapes, crocheting, and daydreaming of escaping to SE Asia & living in eternal summers. See what else she's up to on her blog Saints on a Plane. Sophie reads emails at sophie@travelettes.net
Phoebe Nygren
  • Phoebe Nygren

  • Phoebe is an all-American girl with a passion for travel coursing through her veins. She has studied business in Barcelona, Au paired in Australia, and became a certified yoga teacher on the beaches of India. She has done handstands in over 37 countries and loves going absolutely anywhere with a go-pro strapped to her head. She recently moved to Austin, Texas to chase new adventures, indulge in the local food truck scene, and become a stand-up paddle boarding pro. Follow her blog and Instagram to see more!
Elisa Fourt
  • Elisa Fourt

  • Though she was born in France, Elisa usually describes herself as a world citizen. She has lived, studied, worked and travelled in more than 50 countries throughout her life and she loves to share her passion for the world with others. When she is not planning her next trip or writing about the last one, Elisa likes to help people in need and get involved in various not-for-profit projects. She enjoys meeting people wherever she goes, taking pictures of literally everything she finds interesting or funny and trying local food no matter the country she ends up in. Elisa usually travels with a big backpack carrying her “life”, which is why a lot of people she met along the way nicknamed her “the turtle”. Follow her on instagram @everydayimtravelin.
Annika Ziehen
  • Annika Ziehen

  • Annika left her small hometown in Germany with a big bang to study in New York. There she fell in love – with the city, it’s people and the steamy summers. A job in fashion taught her the art of packing and how not to look out of place in a 5-star resort. When it was time for a change of scenery, she decided to move to Cape Town and learn how to plant trees and teach Bikram yoga. Now she can be found back in Hamburg or on her way to find the best souvenirs from around the world for her blog Midnight Blue Elephant. Reach her at annika@travelettes.net
Caroline Schmitt
  • Caroline Schmitt

  • Caroline grew up with cameras of all shapes and sizes and fell in love with telling colourful stories early on. After spending her teenage years sneaking out of her parents’ house to explore (who hasn’t done that!?), she moved to London at 18 to study and see the world. After pit stops in Vancouver and Beirut she’s now happily based in Berlin and works as a freelance journalist and photographer. Caroline adores burgers, says ‘yes’ a lot and speaks way too fast. Follow her blog and Instagram to find out more. Say hi at caroline@travelettes.net.
Tabea Mathern
  • Tabea Mathern

  • Tabea was born in North-West of Germany from where she would happily explore Europe with a 70's tent, her family, a small 35mm camera and constantly dirty feet. After having lived in Canada for a while (and falling in love with it) she’s now back to Berlin with itchy feet and a hunger to discover and share. Her hobbies include collecting weird objects, smelling the sea and incessantly wondering about how to save the world. Tabea checks her e-mails at tabea@travelettes.net
Annapurna Mellor
  • Annapurna Mellor

  • Annapurna is a travelling photographer and storyteller who has called the road her home for the past two years. After leaving London for a year of solo backpacking, she fell in love with the the chaos and exotic beauty of Asia, and that one year on the road has never quite ended. Having travelled to almost 50 countries, her favourite adventures include travelling along the Trans-Mongolian railway, spending Christmas Day in the Egyptian desert, and working as a volunteer journalist in a Tibetan corner of India. She can usually be found tramping through the backstreets of Asia, always looking for an intriguing face to capture or a forgotten corner of a city to discover. Follow her blog, Life on the Run or her Instagram @annapurnauna for more!
Vanessa Graf
  • Vanessa Graf

  • Vanessa is a 23-year-old mountain enthusiast originally from Austria - but for the past five years, her home country hasn't seen all that much of her. Volunteering in rural Romania, eating Stroopwaffels (ahem, studying) in Rotterdam, getting a degree in France, living in Kyrgyzstan for a year, and short trips to friends from near and far have kept her wandering. You can see her summit the world's peaks and more at her Instagram @vavavama, or send her an e-mail at vanessa@travelettes.net.

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