The human kind is somewhat bipolar.

Dog versus cat people, the mac and windows fellows, the nut/chocolate/vanilia- or strawberry/lemon/rasberry icecreamers, the ones who like sweet breakfast and the ones who prefer salty. And then there is the Italy versus France division.

I am more of an Italy kinda girl. I just love their easy way of handling their massive cultural heritage: In front of the Pantheon there is a McDonalds, the cafes around ancient greek temples are equipped with Coca Cola plastic chairs and in important florentine Renaissance buildings they enter talking on cellphones to discuss their last night out.

In France everything is neat, tidy and too beautiful to be true. It is soooooo nice, that I almost find it suspicious. It almost seems to be there to be looked at and not to be lived in.

I went to France this year, twice. As a photographer I admire its untouchable beauty and as a photographer I don’t talk too much.

This as an odd introduction to these suspiciously beautiful things I have seen and would like to share with you:

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