While we really love arriving at a new place we also dig the being en route part:
this bag full of emotions in advance: anticipation, excitement, agitation. We’re talking roadtrips, busrides, boot tours, airport and plane scenarios. Such an important part of every journey…

Long hours of gazing at the streets or into the skies, dreaming of the beach, the mountains, new faces and all the adventures ahead of us. And while our minds and hearts are on the road, longing for everything to come, we always crave the perfect playlist, the soundtrack to those special moments. And we kind of think you might feel the same, are we right?

So here it is, our travel playlist: the stuff we collectively sing along to in our old VW bus or silently dream away in a comfy plane seat. The tunes that get to us, while en route and all the songs that we’ll eventually continue listening to when arrived, just because our ears fell in love with them so much.

photo by Tabea Mathern

And the best part? Listening to them will always take us back to those moments. Even when we are back at home.


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Home: While the title is contracting to my eternal wanderlust this song just gets me in the mood to move. It also reminds me that you can find a home wherever you go in the world, if only for a day or so.

Michael Kiwanuka, Cold Little Heart: This song reminds me of roadtrips on a grey day, vast coastlines, and the smell of salt air with a bit of fish ‘n chips. You would need a nice old convertible to properly enjoy it and yes, the roads of Monterey would probably be perfect.

Toto, Africa: This is a guilty pleasure song I have recently rediscovered but honestly, how good is this song? So fun you may just book a flight to Africa before it is over.

Photo by Tabea Mathern


Dua Lipa & Calvin Harris, One kiss: Definitely my personal summer hit is one kiss by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris. It just sounds like summer, romance, fun and flirt. I can just about picture myself dancing to this song at the beach in Thailand while exchanging promising looks with some cute backpacker. And listening to the lyrics, that’s probably the exact scenario the creators of the song had in mind when they wrote the song.

Other than that I love Indie Rock bands like Blitzen Trapper, The Shins, Iron&Wine and the like. Basically all those that make, what I call road trip music. I suggest you search spotify for a few indie rock playlists and enjoy.


Caamp, All the debts I owe: „Honey honey get the kids in the car now, put the cash in the trunk, get the keys, lets go“ The perfect song for dusty roads in the middle of nowhere.

Eddie Vedde, Rise: Ever since watching Into the Wild this has been on every travel playlist I ever made, it just fits on every road, the nightly campfire and to the morning coffee in a secluded area. Does anyone wants to pack a bag and get into a van immediately, or is it just me?

Vance Joy, Riptide: This is the sing along song for every one in the car, every single person can confidently sind the (alternative) lyrics to this one and I seriously haven’t met anyone who did not like it.

Photo: Constanze Neubert


Amadou & Mariam, Je pense a toi: Je pense a toi is THE road trip song for me. On a ten-day trip through Andalusia last year, I played this track over and over and never got tired of it. It bursts with freedom, lightness and that French little something that makes life so much more glamourous and wild.

Nils Frahm, All Melody: I’d heard Nils Frahm play at the legendary Elbphilharmonie hall in Hamburg this spring which was a hugely magical experience. Listening to the recorded songs of course is only half the fun because he experiments so much while performing…

Trettmann, DIY: This is a German rapper who I love wholeheartedly! I can sing along to all his songs which very rarely happens. His lyrics have actual content, the beats are super catchy on a second or third listen and he’s just greatttt. Have a listen, even if you have no idea what he’s talking about.


Alice Merton, No Roots: The first time I listened to that song was on a festival in North Western Germany. It was supposed to be summer, but it has been raining the whole day long when Alice Merton entered the stage to perform. And while she was singing to the crowd about the ups and downs about always being on the road the sun came out. And it stopped raining. What a perfect moment to just be here right now, while also dreaming about all the other places.

Photo: Tabea Mathern

Turboweekend, Miles And Miles: One of my all time favourites for every travel playlist I come up with. Something about this song just gets to me and always tells me to go forth.

Grandbrothers, Native Rider: I fell in love with this song when driving through the heat of a Spanish summer and just enjoying the beautiful nature, while drinking luke warm water and just being happy in the moment.


Hot 8 Brass Band, Sexual Healing: I first heard about Hot 8 Brass Band when I prepared for G! Festival in the Faroe Islands and this song has stuck with me ever since. It’s a cool take on an absolute classic, full of positivity and good vibes. I love putting it on when I’m driving and just singing along to the tuba section! Europe’s most underrated music festival Who would have thought that the coolest music festivals in Europe is held every summer on an island in the middle of the North Atlantic?

Photo: Jákup Skovsgård Thøgersen

Tune-Yards, Heart Attack: Music by Tune-Yards is like pure energy! Merrill Garbus knows her way around loop pedals, percussion instruments and hypnotic beats and creates captivating soundscapes that just make you want to dance and sing along. It’s hard choosing a favourite, but heart attack always makes me wish I was in my car, driving down a straight highway!

by Constanze Neubert

So now it’s your turn? We shared our songs and are beyond curious to hear what you are listening to while traveling. Let us know in the comments.