Knowing how obsessed I am with German cuisine, my friend invited me to come out to a place in a swanky part of San Francisco this weekend. Suppenküche is not your typical sausage-serving lederhosen-sporting German style American restaurant. It  combines some of the traditional elements such as shared tables, dark bread, and 2 liter glasses of beer with the rampant SF kitsch shown in its choice of music, paper sparrows hanging from the ceiling, and menu graphics.

image courtesy of the Suppenküche website

In SF fine dining is all about the experience of being out and about, and even though I was told that Suppenküche gets crowded, I was still surprised to see this place packed and with a 3 page sign-in list by 6:30pm, just and hour and a half after it opened for dinner. But with food this yummy I guess it doesn’t take a genius to see why people try to pack in so early!

Whether you’re a meat-lover, vegetarian, or apparently even gluten free, Suppenküche can accommodate a wide variety of diets. So if you have a craving for Augustiner and Käsespätzle and find yourself in San Francisco, get yourself down to Hayes Valley and check this place out!

Suppenküche is located at 525 Laguna St. San Francisco, CA 94102


post by Jackie Clark