I had an interesting time visiting in Slovenia. Fresh from a few weeks in Italy and on my way to visit my friend in Austria, I decided to stop for a few days in this tiny former Yugoslav nation.

Of course I had to visit the capital, Ljubljana and take a bit of a walk uphill to the castle. The castle is of medieval origin, but has been renovated over time and has a sort of modern look now. The old town as well has many reconstructed streets and monuments, and new luxury shops are slowly moving in. But there’s a thriving subculture here too! Many of the streets and alleys are lined with graffiti from quite famous Slovenia artists and you will find the best hostel, Celica, in a complex called Metelkova, a mixture of squat, bars, galleries, and venues where obscure movies are shown and parties last all night.


There are other sights outside of the capital. A popular day trip is to Bled, a picturesque town with an island church in the middle of the lake. Bled was founded as a wellness and spa site and keeps up this tradition. A walk up to the castle reveals a great panoramic view. And be sure to try to famous local cake, Kremna rezina. I had a great day getting my exercise walking around the lake and soaking up the sun and relaxing energy of the town.


Many people also visit Bohinj, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time. It is rumored to be a little less touristic than Bled and has many opportunities for hiking and mountaineering. Getting to and staying in Bohinj is a little more difficult however, because it consists mostly of clusters of small towns and villages, with different stops being ideal depending on your specific plans.


It certainly is a beautiful country and even though it’s very small, there’s so much to see! For more information on things to check out in Slovenia, explore this website.

post by Jackie Clark