Is there any country or state in the world you hold dear? A place you love so much, you’d love to carry it with you everywhere you go? A tattoo is an option, but a less painful alternative are the beautiful necklaces made by Stevie, a lady from Chicago, who sells handmade silver country jewelry at her Etsy shop. She recently quit her day job to create silver pieces, that are intended to let you wear something you love. Everything is cut out by hand and made from real silver.

I love the idea and even if I am not sure if I would wear  “Germany” around my neck, I think these are crafted beautifully. It makes me sad that I originally discovered Stevie’s Etsy Shop because of this post being forwarded all over tumblr. It’s no news that fashion industry copies like crazy from the big labels, but I found it a harsh reality to steal the idea from a girl who actually earns a living from making these necklaces. Sadly, there are a couple of stories like that but this subject is a glass without a bottom, so I best not get into it, here.

Stevie’s Shop has a great plus: If your country of choice isn’t offered in the shop, you can ask for a custom-made one.

I might consider asking for a “Barcelona” outline…

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