I have an undeniable love for Austria and the Alps. For the longest time I identified as a beach kind of gal but every single time I travel to the mountains I feel it – this sense of freedom and a certain closeness to nature. So now, when someone asks me if I prefer mountains or beach – I can’t pick one over another, both are an absolute guarantor for a great time.

This is exactly why I wasted no time wondering whether I should select Austria and more specifically Salzburger Land as our summer holiday destination. I followed an invitation by familyaustria – a group that unites a variety of family-focused hotels in Austria. I would of course be traveling with my 6-year old so hotels which cater to children have my particular attention. As a parent my holiday only starts when my kiddo is happily taken care of and enjoying his time, making new friends, playing and exploring.

First stop on our 2 week-itinerary was Hotel Riederalm, self proclaimed “good life resort” and a lovely and modern 4*S hotel which is run by the same family for the past 31 years. This by the way is a pretty common sight in Austria, that hotels have been owned by the same family for generations and that over time a small 4-room pension was transformed into a lush 3-house complex.

The beauty of this concept is that guests get to enjoy the amenities of a luxurious design hotel such as a fully equipped spa and outdoor pools, high level fine dining and state of the art room design. However, they will also find the hotel owner whip up everyone’s scrambled eggs in the morning or other family members going around for warm welcomes and chit-chats during meals, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Here’s what I loved about the Riederalm:

Kids first 

As a mom I take a close look at how children in hotels are being treated. Does the kids club have windows? What toys are provided? Is childcare warm and fun? Is the food kids are served as delicious as the food adults are served? In a family hotel I really look for places who treat children with the same respect and care they would an adult and I am happy to report that at Riederalm they really go the whole nine yards.

At mealtimes kids are served a delicious starter and dessert from the kitchen but the mains can be found in a buffet making it very convenient for kiddos to eat without waiting but to also get a taste of the incredibly tasty food magic performed at the Riederalm kitchen.

There is an indoor kids club complete with climbing frames and walls, table soccer, computer games and all sorts of other digital games I had never even seen nor heard of. Needless to say my kiddo felt right at home and had an easy time making friends here.

Outside there was more – trampolines, go-carts, ziplines – truly many fun options even grown-ups would (and did) enjoy.

Adults first, too!

One more thing that impressed me at Riederalm was how they manage the very delicate balance of being a child-friendly hotel without forgetting that parents don’t want everything to be about the littles when they go on vacation.

The place to be for adults to be completely left alone was the 18+ spa which boasts a heated outdoor pool, a steam bath, 2 saunas, 3 relaxation rooms and more! An hour there felt like a minute but was enough to recharge my batteries as I tackled 6am wake-up calls and screentime discussions with my little person (those don’t just magically disappear when you travel, unfortunately).

Food, glorious food 

Another wonderful way to keep grown-up fun in mind is by serving absolutely mind-blowing cuisine. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the truly spectacular 4-course dinners we were being served each night were in fact cooked up by none other than one of the 2 sons of the owner family. If an outstanding fine dining experience is your idea of having a great holiday, look no further than the Riederalm.

As can often be found in Austrian hotels, this hotel also offers what is referred to 3/4 board – not full board not half board but the ¾ board, consisting of breakfast, snacks buffet in the afternoon and dinner. Lunchtime snacks were things like soups and salads but also goulash and pasta. My main focus and a major reason to always make it back to the hotel before 4 was the cakes and pastries selection which included some fine delicacies such as homemade tiramisu, chocolate and cheese cakes and many more.

Modern comfort mixed with tradition

From the outside the Riederalm blends in perfectly with its surroundings, painting the picture of a traditional hotel which has always been around. From inside however it is doing a phenomenal job of marrying contemporary and traditional elements into a unique signature style many of the best hotels in Austria have adopted. Most common sights are a wholesome combination of wood and glass, with occasional touches of concrete.

And can we talk about this pool? This baby is heated and long enough to be excellent for your morning swim, before even the first family arrives on the premise and families will appreciate that this pool is open to kids which is not a given in Austria, I have learned over the years. Heated outdoor pools are an unexpected source of happiness I find, especially when they come with a lovely mountain view!


Central to all the action

A real perk for this hotel is its strategic location right next to the valley station of the Asitz cable car service serving as your direct ticket to lots of unexpected fun. With kids especially you will have a great time exploring the Senses Park which is located right along the midway stop of the mountain boasting over 30 stops that let little and big people explore different sights, tastes, smells, sounds and touches.

Fans of the great outdoors will appreciate various beautiful hiking paths here and even a summer toboggan run on the top big of the mountain! Naturally you will also find your fair share of beautiful mountain alms with delicious Austrian fair for your Kaiserschmarrn-loving needs.

Overall, I guarantee you will not get bored visiting Riederalm, whether you stay for two days or two weeks. We hope to come back some day!


*Disclaimer: We were kindly invited on this trip by familyaustria and Riederalm. All opinions in this post are of course my own.