Do you ever struggle to find a place to stay that fits both you and your boyfriends tastes? Got a friend who prefers country chique rather than your love of modern minimalist design? Well we might have found a hotel that helps you silence that dual personality; the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France.

The artist Tilt has created the Panic Room inside the hotel which features 6 rooms designed by 6 different artists, designers, graphic designers & painters who try and impose their own style and personality on a hotel room of their choice. One side of this room is for the simplistic individual who values clean & natural design, and not to mention a love of pure white. The other side is for he (or she) who may have consumed too many e-numbers, has a love of vibrant primary colours and street art.

Photos via My Modern Met by Roudet Benjamin

It will cost you €135 to stay in Tilt’s Panic Room for a night I’m really interested to see if  I could actually get a good nights sleep or whether its two personalities would drive me to insomnia. What about you, intrigued to try it out this design hotel room?