You probably know by now that Berlin has made quite the lasting impression on me. After a summer that was spent jumping into lakes, pulling all-nighters, having cold and cheap beers whilst sitting next to the canal in Kreuzberg, September with all its beautiful colours is making its way here and I cannot wait for the adventures it will bring: the cosy coffee shops that will pop up all over the city and the secret, or not-so-secret spots that make curling up inside not just a viable option.

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Given that I’m hardly out and about without my DSLR, my expectations for a phone camera are pretty high, especially if it claims to be super quick to react and excellent for night shots.

When Sony asked me to grab their new Xperia Z5 in time for IFA that is currently taking place in Berlin, I jumped at the opportunity and documented my perfect Berlin Friday on the phone while testing the Z5’s camera at night, on the bike, on trains and while strolling through the market. Here’s what I’d like every Friday to look like.

Cycling around Plötzensee

DSC_0001 DSC_0005

I live so close to Plötzensee lake that I really cannot justify not running or cycling there every day. Now that the summer heat is gone, it’s an incredibly peaceful spot (apart from the naked grandpas that are taking their, err, liberal morning swim there every. single. day). It takes about ten minutes to cycle around the whole lake and what can I say, it’s proven to be a therapeutic start to a long day at the office or a rather chilled-out mixture of taking or photos, writing away and strolling through the city hunting for colours.

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A stroll along Maybachufer

Now heading south towards Neukölln, I quickly stop in the Graefekiez in Kreuzberg. The Friday market near Maybachufer is an absolute gem and the place to pick up olives, fruits and vegetables, the odd piece of art and lots of fabric in case you want to spend your weekend sewing new table cloths or curtains. Also, I love a good dose of people-watching and the Z5 proved to be much less bulky when taking “authentic” street photos than my DSLR. And look at the resolution of this video and the stylish elderly man! I wasn’t walking nearly as calmly as the footage would suggest.

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Coffee in Neukölln

Roamers near Herrmannplatz has definitely become a bit of a hot spot and it’s always packed. But having the evening sun tickle your tired Friday afternoon face outside while sipping away on a fancy coffee (they do many more variations than just my latte of choice!) is priceless. The interior is massively hipster instagrammable and you’re very likely to meet a lot of creatives, expats and young families who are singing their baby to sleep while having avocado on rye bread.

Caroline_Schmitt_Travelettes_Sony_IFA - 48 Caroline_Schmitt_Travelettes_Sony_IFA - 47 Caroline_Schmitt_Travelettes_Sony_IFA - 46 Caroline_Schmitt_Travelettes_Sony_IFA - 43

City lights at Klunkerkranich

Klunkerkranich is a ten-minute walk from Roamers. It’s a rooftop cafe/bar/club located on top a shopping mall (!), so naturally the views are incredible and so much better than from any other tower (ehm…) in Mitte. It’s the place to hang out outdoors before it gets too cold. There are regular cultural events, you’ve got a little urban garden, a photo box and a bunch of secret hideaways that are magical during sunset. In case it still gets cold, just grab a bottle of beer or two from the bar and you’ll start to warm up. Easy.

Caroline_Schmitt_Travelettes_Sony_IFA - 12 low light 3

What I loved about the Z5 is that it’s incredibly quick to react, you unlock the screen and 0.2 seconds later you’ve got the shot. In a busy urban environment that’s the one crucial thing about phone photography. I never had clearer shots at night and for once, capturing movements wasn’t a hassle, it turned into a lot of fun thanks to various autofocus functions. Enough with the tech talk though, happy snapping people! What are you favourite spots in Berlin and how do you make sure your phone images look smashing?

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Sony. All opinions are our own.

All photographs by Caroline Schmitt.