Yellowstone has got to be the most famous National Park in the United States. It’s a top destination on a lot of travelers’ USA itinerary and somewhere I, as an American,  felt repeatedly embarrassed for never having visited. Ever since I was a little girl and first heard about geysers and grizzly bears, I wanted to go to Yellowstone, but the trek from New Jersey to Wyoming always seemed too far for my family. Finally this summer I met up with my friend and her family in Montana and spent 4 days staying in a small town just outside the park and driving in every day. Each morning we ate some combination of coffee, eggs, and toast and piled into the rented SUV to enter the park. Whenever my friend’s family pulled over, we were sure to jump out and get some exercise before anyone could stop us. In between we napped, dreamed of long hikes, and mixed a plastic bottle of Yellowstone brand whiskey with some cola. At night we went back and slept in the hotel and debated whether it was better to be there or somewhere in the park where a bear or wolf might stumble upon our lone tent. In general we were just happy to get a chance to see buffalo, thermal pools, and the Old Faithful geyser. Here are some snaps…







I think next time I’d like to plan another trip to Yellowstone to go deeper into to park and see more off the beaten path. Do any of you have experience with National Parks in the US?

post by Jackie Clark