Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous! The ladies and gentlemen of superstar-land that grace the pages of every magazine often seem typified by their beach bronzed bodies and shiny, sun-kissed hair. After all, if they’re not treading the red carpet as part of the day job, they’re accompanying truckloads of luggage through LAX and prancing on palm-fringed beaches in some exclusive, paradise hotspot. I guess it can’t all be film premieres, teeth bleaching and fad diets.

Unfortunately, most of us may not be blessed with the bank balance of a superstar to help us plan our down time but this doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t holiday like one… and here are a few tips on how to do it. Giant shades essential.

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1) Hire a yacht

Bank Job: Money can buy lots of things but can it really buy you happiness? Maybe not but when you’re quaffing Cristal and leaping into crystalline waters off the deck of your own private super-yacht, I predict there are smiles all round. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been known to hire $40 million dollars worth of yacht for luxury cruising down the French Riviera with his and hers white, marble bathrooms and spa pool on the sun deck complete with bar. But this seems nothing but child’s play when compared with some of the big hitters out there. The billionaire playground of Monaco regularly hosts super-yachts with not only hot tubs but heli-pads. Well, where else does one park the chopper?

Day Job: Gather a bunch of friends and check out The Yacht Week where you can charter your very own vessel for around €450 per person. Choose from a week of sailing your way through Greek, Croatian, Italian or (in the winter) Caribbean waters and there’s even the option of a professional skipper or hostess as needed. Bon voyage! 


2) Carnival Caribbean style

Bank Job: The music! The dancing! The costumes! The feathers! Who doesn’t love the gorgeously, summery vibe of Carnival? And where better to get the full authentic experience than smack, bang in the middle of the Caribbean? Whilst we were wrapped up in our winter woollies this Christmas, it seemed that Bajan princess Rihanna was partying off those mince pies in true A-List fashion with more than a spot of booty-shaking at the street carnival in her native Barbados. Some girls have all the luck.

Day Job: Ok, so it may be a little weather dependent but Notting Hill Carnival is still one of the biggest and best, street parties in Europe with revelling crowds flocking to London’s west-side every August bank holiday weekend. Eat delicious rice and peas; drink tasty rum punch; watch the fantastic Masquerade bands; listen to the tropical sound of the steel drums and thumping sound systems; and above all, cover yourself in sequins and channel that inner, Carnival queen.


3) Take a yoga break

Bank job: Jennifer Anniston lives her life by it and Madonna wouldn’t be shedding the clothes so much these days without it. Despite the ancient practice of yoga going stratospheric in popularity over the past decade, travelers have long been journeying to India to seek out serenity and spirituality from the numerous ashrams and retreat centres in the country where it all began. Luxury retreat, Ananda, with its atmospheric location in a stunning castle at the foot of the majestic Himalayas, scores a perfect ten as one of the world’s most highly ranked retreats. Offering classes in a variety of yogic and meditation practices alongside relaxing spa facilities and fine, wining and dining, spiritual purification has surely never felt so good.

Day job: Getting a fantastic work out for your mind, body and soul doesn’t need to cost you yours. The traditional purpose of an ashram is far from a comfortable stay in five star luxury and the nation is bursting at the seams with more authentic experiences. Expect to rise before dawn and practice Karma Yoga (selfless service) by taking part in duties that contribute to the upkeep of the centre. The path to true enlightenment never did run smooth. Check out Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre and Ashram for affordable programs hosted by a not-for-profit organisation.


4) Buy an island

Bank job: Finding those luxurious, sandy beaches a little overcrowded? A good way to escape the pesky, paparazzi hordes hiding in the bushes is to make like Johnny Depp and snap up a beautiful island hide-away as your own personal home away from home. It was while filming Pirates of the Caribbean that Johnny decided to purchase his portion of paradise in the form of Little Hall’s Pond Cay – a cool 3.6 million for this lovely island complete with palm-fringed lagoon and six, white sand beaches. Yes, the man really is perfect.

Day job: Incredible as it may seem, a private island resort may not be as far from reach as you might think. Lissenung Island, just off the coast of Papua New Guinea is a 10 acre island dropped right in the middle of an area of incredible oceanic biodiversity. This island accommodates no more than 14 people in eco-friendly huts built on traditional stilts with thatched roofs and bamboo walls. For under £90 per person per night, inclusive of meals, you won’t see another soul other than your party and a small handful of resort staff for the duration of your stay.

A more backpacker friendly option is the tiny island community of 26 acre Likuri Island in Fiji. This palm-covered gem is also known as Robinson Crusoe Island and you can choose your accommodation shared dorms or a selection of private, thatched huts. Feel free to play at being shipwrecked and immerse yourself in traditional activities such as coconut jewelry making or learning to dance island style. Or alternatively, just kick back, chill out and do absolutely nothing at all.


5) Pack a pooch

Bank job: One of the classic items on the superstar checklist has always been the beloved, pampered pooch. Poodles and pugs; chihuahuas and shiz tus; everyone seems to have a small, furry sidekick these days and the pets of a superstar sure know the good life. Paris Hilton’s posse of pups live in their own little replica of her mansion and Mariah Carey’s Jack Russell once had his very own webpage set up by Japanese fans. In response to this kind of puppy love, the U.S. has even seen the set-up and expansion of bonkers businesses such as the Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa where pets can go for actual, resort-style vacations whilst you jet off on your hols knowing that your beloved is being well provided for.

Day job: If a holiday just wouldn’t be complete without your favourite, furry friend coming along for the ride, check out Paws Abroad for dog-friendly rentals in France and Spain or Your Dog Holidays for tips, useful advice and suggestions for pet owners all over the UK.

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6) Get hitched in Vegas

Bank job: Ah, Vegas! The glitzy playground of the stars where a heady mix of hedonism and riches mean absolutely anything is possible. And there’s surely no better way to give two fingers up to all things sensible than to wake up the morning after the night before as a newly-wed, fresh from the ultimate church of rock and roll, the famous Little White Wedding Chapel. You’d be in great company – Frank Sinatra chose to get married there as did Mickey Rooney, Demi Moore and countless other famous faces. With packages catering to all tastes on the fabulously trashy spectrum, go all out for the big day with a pink Cadillac or a stretch hummer, rent a glittering tiara and get Elvis to serenade you as a friend of mine once did. Be warned though – he did pinch her bum. Talk about surreal.

Day job: One of the more bargainous and fun packages has to be the group renewals where a bunch of friends can indulge in the kitscher than kitsch fun. Or just go for the drive thru deal – bikes or cars – as part of the ultimate, true romance road trip. After all, what happens in Vegas…


7) And last but not least… Record it ALL on instagram

Under the eternally growing influence of social media, the world and his wife are getting increasingly snap happy on their hols and superstars are certainly no exception. Instagram is flooded with personal, A-list, holiday images from the Kardashian sisters parading their enviable and never-ending swimwear wardrobes in stunning Mykonos to Alexa and photogenic pals casually forming beach-side human pyramids (as you do) and playing with puppies in Puerto Rico. But even a weekend in Skegness can look pretty hot with the right choice of filter. So get your camera ready for capturing all those spontaneous selfies as you show off and share the highlights of your vacay japes and all the incredible fun you are having to all those losers (friends) back home. Smile!



Alex Saint is a writer based in Bristol, England – a place she calls home due to its friendly, diverse atmosphere and never-ending list of fun things to do. She loves tattoos, quirky fashion, pugs and, of course, travelling.

Keep up with the Saint sisters and their adventures in Bristol, London and beyond at www.saintsonaplane.com and @saintsonaplane or Alex herself @alexsaint13


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