Argentina’s wine capital offers much in the way of sensorial experiences. While enjoying its 320+ days of sun a year, stark mountain landscapes, vineyard-striped countryside and bustling downtown, try some of these suggestions for fully enjoying this wonderful land.

1) Meander

Mendoza’s wide, tree-lined streets make excellent strolling territory. It’s pedestrian walkways, cafe-lined avenues and palm-tree decorated parks and plazas are ideal for the casual ramble.

2) Visit

The countryside surrounding Mendoza city is riddled with vineyards and wineries. The farther from town, the more the Andes Mountains epically take over the horizon and the more extravagant the winery architecture becomes.

3) Eat

The kitchen-white cafe Maria Antonieta, offers fresh baked goods, breakfast sandwiches all day long, colorful salads, and an innovative take on local fare. (Belgrano 1069)

4) Gawk

Set out into the Andes mountains to discover some more tremendous landscapes. The little mountain town of Uspallata offers a wonderful location for exploring the mountains and the world’s highest peak outside of Asia, Aconcagua.

5) Shop

Visit one of Mendoza’s locally-produced clothing boutiques. Here Mendocino designers and art students collaborate on the collections they present making clothing and accessories utterly one-of-a-kind.

6) Quaff

Try an exclusive, guided wine tasting in Mendoza Wine Connection. The rare flights and tastings they provide will have you salivating for more.

7) Indulge

While Mendoza is known for its wine, there are some find microbreweries as well. Besides scrumptious ales, Jerome Brew Pub offers the most delectable dessert known to man… a succulent, nut-riddled, fudge brownie, garnished with vanilla ice cream and drizzled in homemade stout brew. (Villanueva Aristides 347)

*blogpost written and photographed by Gwynnes Hogan who blogs at