As Canada is our featured destination this month, we thought we’d introduce to you some of our favourite ladies who showcase the country in all it’s beauty on Instagram. Be prepared to be blown away by stunning landscapes, ultra-cool cafe culture and delicious wild food. Here are seven Instagrammers who are making us yearn to visit Canada…

1. Jordan Dyck- Vancouver


Vancouver Island based photographer Jordan Dyck (@joordanrenee) transports us to the beautiful world of natural Canada with her dreamy photographs of blue glacier lakes and high mountain passes. She also frequently travels to the USA, with upcoming plans to head to Oregon. We also love her blog.

2. Jeanne RD- Montreal


Quebec has never looked as beautiful as it does through the eyes of Jeanne RD (@jeannemap). Her feed is a mixture of wild and rugged landscapes, idyllic houses and spontaneous road trip shots.

3. Megan McLellan- Vancouver, BC 


Photographer Megan McLellan (@littlebrownfox) captures the native cultures and landscapes of Canada perfectly through her lens. She is making us yearn to travel through British Colombia! Go check out her adventure journal at Field and Forest.

4. Sarah Babineau- Montreal 


We’ve all heard that Montreal is one of the world’s coolest cities, and Sarah Babineau’s (@kara_bino) feed confirms that. She captures cafe culture, delicious eats and some natural spots around the city and further afield. Follow for serious coffee envy! She also blogs (in French!) over on La Babineau.

5. Kayla Short- Halifax, NS


Kayla Short (@shortpresents) is a little off-the-beaten-track compared to the usual places we hear about in Canada – she’s from Nova Scotia. She makes us all wonder why this area doesn’t see more visitors, with her shots of street life and adventuring around the provence as well as travelling around other areas of Canada. Check out her blog Short Presents for more!

6. Aimee Bourque- Quebec


If you ever dreamt of having the perfect outdoor family, where your kids fish for your dinner and you enjoy fresh food outside in the wilderness, then you’ll love Aimee Bourque’s (@aimeebourque) account. She lives in Quebec and loves cooking and living life with her family outdoors. See more of her food recipes at Simple Bites.

7. Katie Gouldie- British Colombia


One of Canada’s best known Instagramers, Katie Gouldie (@goldiehawn_) is forever exploring Canada and the US and showcasing it all through her lens. She loves the wild rugged places, climbing mountains, sleeping in hammocks and kayaking through cold and misty lakes.

Do these Instagrammers make you want to travel to Canada? What are your favourite Canadian Instagramers? We’d love to know in the comments below!