I was something of a latecomer to Instagram, but these days it is far and away my favourite social media. Paired with a love of travel, it’s pretty much a match made in heaven, allowing you a sneak glimpse into fabulous destinations around the world. In fact, whenever I am feeling a bit uninspired about life (which always seems to happen around January when all the sparkle of the holiday season is fast fading away), a quick flick through some of my favourite Instagram travel accounts and I’ll suddenly feel a whole lot better about life. After all, they say that the definition of happiness is the pursuit of achievable goals and what is travel if not that? Yep, getting another trip on the itinerary is THE best way to chase those January blues away!

So, to give you a helping hand I’ve picked out just a few of my favourite female instagrammers to inspire your 2016 travels. Whether you’re a Travelettes who loves to don her hiking boots and get lost in the wilderness; or one who likes her cocktails, sunnies and beachside lounging, check out these inspirational ladies and their glorious shots. Go on, have a little scroll and get creating some #goals…

1.Jessica Stein @tuulavintage – For those who love to beach

Escapism to the utmost, Jessica Stein is a travel and personal style blogger from Sydney, currently sharing glorious snaps from Mexico (which gains big points as it is on my personal bucket list!). Stunning waterfalls, tempting seafood platters, shimmering seas and plenty of pretty boho fashion – I’m pretty sure that Jessica Stein’s gallery gives us a glimpse into paradise.



2. Katie McKnoulty @thetravellinglight – For exploring the heart of a city

A nomadic freelancer with a unique ability to see the light in even the simplest day-to-day city scenes, I love Katie McKnoulty for her ability to help you see below the surface of the cities she explores. Plus, she just seems really damn likeable! Currently clicking away in Paris, check out her gallery for exquisite snapshots of the little things that bring a city to life.

3. Laura Austin @laura_austin – For channelling your inner adventuress

LA based photographer, Laura Austin, uses her gallery to showcase her extraordinary talent. Documenting scenes from her travels, she reveals sights from the famous balloons of Cappadocia to ice climbing in Iceland. Laura has a penchant for active outdoorsy activities (which might be why she’s shot for clients like Timbaland) even though her gallery is a delightful mix of destinations. In a nutshell, this chick rocks.

A photo posted by Laura Austin (@laura_austin) on

4. Nikki Sharp @nikkisharp – The wellness woman

If Nikki Sharp’s gallery isn’t January inspiration then i don’t know what is! This wellness and lifestyle blogger offers tons of advice on how to get fit and healthy whilst her gallery shows her killing it with yoga poses in a whole host of attractive destinations. From handstands in the mountains of Colorado to backbends at sunset in Bali, this lovely lady seems to have beauty nailed both inside and out.

A photo posted by Nikki Sharp (@nikkisharp) on

A photo posted by Nikki Sharp (@nikkisharp) on

A photo posted by Nikki Sharp (@nikkisharp) on


5. Kirsten Alana @kirstenalana – For a little bit of luxury

If you’re a lady (or lad) who likes a touch of luxury then check out NYC-based photographer Kristen Alana’s Insta adventures. I love the way she teams aspirational pics of how the other half live with a warm human side that’s still relatable. With a diverse range of destinations to drool over including the souks of Marrakech and the beaches of Hawaii, Kirsten shows us how to be an explorer whilst lapping up life’s luxuries.

6. Kate McCulley @adventurouskate – For the independent woman

An oldie but a goodie (in terms of her blog not her age!), Kate McCulley has been to 63 countries in the past 5 years and is one of the pioneers of solo female travel blogging. This lady is an inspiration to any one who has debated the pros and cons of solo travel. Currently in the USA, she shares snaps from the past and present with useful tips on how to bring a little bit of independent adventure into your life.

And one for luck…

7. Travelettes @travelettes – The girl gang

Well, I couldn’t not mention our very own girl gang, could I? The Travelettes are your constant travel companion, sharing snaps from their very different adventures around the globe. Check out our most popular pics of 2015 below – the giant mango smoothie was one of mine (you can follow me @alexsaint13), taken on beautiful Palawan in the Philippines.


I hope you’re feeling suitably inspired for the coming months ahead. Here’s to 2016 and happy new year!

Alex Saint is a writer based in Bristol, England – a place she calls home due to its friendly, diverse atmosphere and never-ending list of fun things to do. She loves tattoos, quirky fashion, pugs and, of course, travelling.

Keep up with the Saint sisters and their adventures in Bristol, London and beyond at www.saintsonaplane.com and @saintsonaplane or Alex herself @alexsaint13