The land down under is a big, beautiful place full of diversity and culture with a touch of danger thrown in for excitement. While Australia may be notorious for its vast array of land and sea animals that can kill you, it also provides stunning views and entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else. From Perth to Sydney and everywhere in between, Australia’s beauty truly is rich and rare. Here are some awesome date ideas for switching it up in Oz.

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1. QUEENSLAND – Great Barrier Reef in Style

While it may occur to most to scuba or snorkel Australia’s gorgeous great barrier reef – how many can say they’ve seen the stunning view from a helicopter? I say, go big or go home and impress the socks off your next date with this magnificent experience. Book a helicopter tour over the Great Barrier Reef and forever raise the dating bar standards. It’s not much more expensive than a nice dinner out and it’ll pump up the conversation better than any bottle of Bordeaux.

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2. NEW SOUTH WALES – Outdoor Cinemas, Oldie but a Goodie

Standard movie dates are safe and entertaining but also predictable. Change things up by taking your partner to an outdoor cinema. Sydney-siders relish being outdoors and the idyllic summer nights with warm air and fresh breezes lend romance to the experience. Between the stunning panoramic sunset plus a giant pop-up screen movie and a date, I had trouble deciding what to focus on first! Personally, my favourite is The Sunset Cinema in North Sydney but they’re all pretty awesome.

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3. VICTORIA – Dine With The Penguins

Melbourne, in Victoria has an extremely unusual way to spend date night. You may dine with penguins – sort of. Okay, so you don’t really get to sit down at a table with penguins, nor do you stand among them and eat what is tossed out. Either would be odd beyond measure, even for the land down under. But what you will enjoy, especially with a date, is found at the end of St. Kilda Pier. While taking in the stunning sunset, you’ll notice penguins all about. Simply unable to get enough of their antics and funny waddle, it’s impossible to not smile. Do what we did and take in the sights and then choose a fabulous restaurant to top off the experience.

800px-St_Kilda_Pier_sunset_Stevage photo via wikimedia

4. SOUTH AUSTRALIA – No Need to Go to China to See Pandas

Adelaide in South Australia is famous for its parklands. I love a little retro in life and that includes dates. A romantic stroll including a picnic on a sunny afternoon is retro yet so romantic. Your partner will love it as a surprise or something you both plan together.

I have also found Adelaide Botanic Gardens a perfect location for adding enchantment to romantic time spent with one you love. If you’re not quite there yet, but might like to be, it can’t hurt to try it.


Who doesn’t love animals? The Adelaide Zoo, home to the Southern Hemisphere’s only giant pandas, is full of delightful creatures large and small. You’ll never lack for conversation points at the zoo so if just starting out together, shy partners need not be anxious.

5. NORTHERN TERRITORY – More than just the Outback

Plan an evening together at Darwin Central Hotel. What makes a date here so special? Where do I start? The romantic atmosphere is like stepping into a sunset without the burn. Reds and oranges glow by candlelight casting a lovely yet exciting light on everything in the room. Dine Indian style on cushions, giving you an excuse for a cuddle while you enjoy a meal together.

outback northern territory photo by rob&jules

If you and your sweetheart are looking for something a little more lively, try Monsoons on Mitchell St. An old cinema has been converted into a fun trendy spot with live music and East meets West dining.

6. WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Beaches, Bays & Boys, Oh My!

With some of the world’s most beautiful golden sand beaches, clear blue water and sunshine, Perth is a fantastic place to take a date. Bring along a camera and snap photos of each other as well as marvel at nature’s bounty. When you get hungry, The George Bar-restaurant is a first rate date choice. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and the variety of food delicious.

If you prefer looking at the ocean while dining, try Salton the Beach. The atmosphere and view are so stunning, there’s no need to try and fill the silence.

perth by sophie saint photo by Sophie Saint

For the more adventurous, take the ferry to Rottnest Island for the day. It’s a bit of a step back in time as no cars are allowed on the island. Walk or bike around the island enjoying a picnic break or a bottle of wine.

7. TASMANIA – My Favourite State – And not just for the Devils!

Tassie has a reputation as one of the most romantic places in Australia and is more a getaway destination than date night. If your relationship has reached the point where a weekend away is ideal, Tasmania is the place to go. Drive through beautiful wineries and parks, stopping to dine when the mood strikes. Don’t listen to those Aussie’s who have never been – they are the only ones who would tell you to skip Tassie. If you’ve been, you’ll recommend it – trust me.

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Rent a camper and head for Cradle Mountain and Discovery Holiday Park where you’ll find powered sites for campers, set in earthy bush alcoves for privacy and back to nature fun. Wear yourselves out on hikes and come back to cuddle up around the campfire. Romance comes naturally in such lovely natural surroundings.

Australia is truly incredible and offers extremes in every direction. From cold to blistering hot, from flat to gorgeous rainforest; you won’t be disappointed. So step up your dating game or bring back the romance to your marriage and try out some of my favourite suggestions.


leah rise bio pic Author Leah Rise is a single (hint, hint), passionate world traveler with touring over 20 countries and currently is planting her feet in Sydney, Australia. Put her Spanish and English degrees to good use, Leah spends her free time blogging about her ‘wild’ escapes and hanging out with her wolfdog, Simba. Chat with Leah on Twitter @Leahrise or on Google+ to keep up with her latest blogs.