New York, New York, city of dreams. City that never sleeps. City of high rises and even higher expectations. They say that New York has it all, except boredom. In my 17 years of traveling to this city and occasionally even living here I have come to know it very well but no matter how much time I spend here I never ever get bored of it. Especially as a photographer I find New York to be the best place in the world to take photos. No other spot in the world is home to so many unusual characters, stunning buildings and appealing designs. There really is a photo waiting to be taken at every corner and if you love to capture a special moment as much as I do you will never find yourself without a camera. This has been me for the longest time. From the moment I first discovered photography for myself up until now, 13 years later, I always recognized the important of carrying a camera on me at all times, because those noteworthy moments come and go and you’ll want to be there to capture it. Good cameras can be quite heavy, especially if you want a great lens to go with that. In my prime this didn’t stop me from carrying a heavy DSLR around with me everywhere but in the past few years I have mostly relied on my phone for taking pictures.

When OLYMPUS approached us to test their new OM-D E-M10 III (see it in the shop here) I was instantly excited because this camera is not only easy on the eye (I had 3 people in one week comment on its cute look!) it is also super light weight and consequently compact to carry around. it fits in most bags and is versatile beyond belief. It completely awakened my lust for taking pictures again, so I used it as an excuse to go on a hunt for New York’s best spots to take pictures at.

Naturally I had to start with the official Number 1: the Empire State Building.

There is no doubt, that this important landmark is a great photo opp, but unfortunately it also comes at a price. You also have to count in a queue, be led through various elevators and souvenir shops and all in all I am not sure the experience was worth the $34 I paid for it. Because, let’s face it, there are a ton of awesome places in New York where you can take amazing pictures without paying for it! Here are 7 of them, all featuring pictures I took with the OM-D E-M10 III.

1. Indigo Hotel

Ever since I was first introduced to the 14th floor of the Indigo Hotel I knew this was my spot. It’s essentially a large, open plan coffeeshop with big couches and a large table with laptop folk. There are no walls, only windows overlooking the impressive Manhattan skyline. One floor up is the bar which comes with a beautiful terrace and the view I am showing here. There is even a small pool, if you need a place to cool down.

2. Midtown

I love roaming the street of Manhatten and finding inspiration anywhere but in Midtown the large avenues are especially appealing because you have the high rises left and right, the crowds and the many, many yellow cabs – a winning combination! Do the full on tourist thing and wear your camera around your neck – you would not want to miss an awesome shot! Luckily The Olympus OM-D E-M10 III is both stylish and light, so you can only win here.

3. The High Line

What’s not to love about an elevated green oasis where you have 16 blocks of trees, plants, grass and benches. There is so much to see here that bringing one’s camera is crucial. The High Line is a unique spot in the city and I always remember it fondly, both for the nature and the views.

4. Azul on the rooftop

“Go to the rooftop bars!”, they told me when I asked for the must-do’s in New York. And it is true, there are so many amazing bars offering breathtaking views. Your glass of wine has never felt so special, I guarantee it! A definite favorite for me was Azul on the Rooftop, located on the top floor of Hotel Hugo. Come here in time for sunset and you’re in for a treat! Great drinks here, too.

5. Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg

This little spot is a favorite amongst locals, because it is unassuming and not a sot you would usually just stroll by. People flock here on their lunch break or after work, just to relax and take in the beauty of the bay and the Manhattan Bridge. Below is an unedited photo which I took with a Black&White filter on the camera. There are so many cool filters under the Art tab on the OM-D E-M10 III, just pick your favorite and shoot.

6. The Hudson Hotel

This is another amazing hotel to check out if you wish to get some excellent skyline shots. Hudson is great because their terrace on the 15th Floor which is open to the public (but only those who are in the know! You can come here, even bring your computer, a drink and relax. Better yet: take a whole bunch of photos of the gorgeous view over Manhatten!

7. The Streets of Lower East Side

I had include the Lower East Side, it simply is a place and neighborhood I have always come to and where I feel more at home than anywhere else in the city. It is also where I was always most inspired to take pictures, although frankly you won’t get a lot of skyline shots from that perspective.


What are your favorite spots in New York for taking pictures?


*This post was written in sponsored collaboration with Olympus