The only bad thing with traveling is that you need money to do it. No matter how cheap food you manage to cook -  getting from point A to B will cost you money as well as a place to rest during the night. But there are ways of make travelling possible even when you just got home from an other trip and all you want to do is to get out on the road again  – but your bank account is empty. You just need to find out what is the best solution for you.


1) For the flexible one: Look out for vehicle relocations

Did you know that there are motorhome rental companies that offer free rentals of camper vans and motorhomes if you help them to relocate their vehicle? By doing this you can get your dream California roadtrip or a New Zeeland roadtrip for free. You need to be flexible both with your route and time, but if you are looking for surprises, adventures and you love road trips – this is the option for you.

relocate a van

2)For the talented one: Apply for grants

Are you a great photographer, writer or an artist? Or do you have an other talent that requires inspiration? There are many grants and scholarship that you can apply for to be able to travel in order to find new inspiration abroad. Some institutions also offer studios in other countries where you can stay and work for free. To find and apply for grants can be exhausting. It needs to be the right time and you need to write and tell them about yourself and sometimes send samples of your work. But getting a grant will not only get you inspired and give you time to focus on your art – you’ll also get to see a new place in the world for free.

3) For the citylover: Try out Couchsurfing

So you love big cities? In days when flights between big cities are almost scary cheap, the hotels are often what’s ruining you. Even renting an Airbnb is really expensive in cities like London and New York. By trying out Couchsurfing you will not only get a free place to stay, but you also have a great chance of meeting a friend for life that can share all those secret budget tips in his or her expensive city. From where you can find the best and cheapest falafel in town to where the best parks to hang out and drink beers are. A win-win situation.


4) For the lazy one: Get yourself a credit card with travel miles

Maybe the easiest way to pay for a trip without actually saving any money is to get the best American Express card available with travel miles. Basically you will earn money by shopping. The plan is not to buy more then you should buy otherwise – only your normal food shopping will get you travel miles for each transaction. If you have a big spending ahead (maybe you need to buy a new bed, a wedding dress or a car) it’s a great idea to get the card before your big shopping and you might have your trip sorted.

5) For the countryside girl: Work on farms and travel the world

Do you like food and prefer the countryside before the city? Then working on a farm is something for you. Organisations as WWOOF makes it possible to stay on organic farms around the world for free while you helping out on the farm. Food is included and many times you’ll also learn about what working as a farmer is like in that county.

do farm work

6)For the one who can’t wait to get away: Borrow a bike and a tent

So you can’t wait for receiving a grant or collecting enough flight points. You need to go NOW! And you have a lot of time on your hands. The best option for you – bike vacay. Send out a message to your friend to see who has a bike and a tent that you can borrow, and you’re free to go the very same day. Ask people if you can tent in their garden, on their land or – if you’re lucky – you’re in a county where you can put up a tent for free in the nature. Bike vacation is really an underestimated way to travel and all you need is a bit of time and some strong legs (and unless you already have them you’ll definitely get them).

bike and tent

Photo Source: Unsplash