Mexico – already the name of this breathtaking country awakens more emotions, stereotypes and expectations than many others.

Most people instantly connect it with tasty food; some might think of the rhythmical sounds of typical Mariachi bands accompanying wild, loud fiestas while others rather associate it with the view of endless beaches and palm trees lining up on the horizon.

Little did I know that this place has so much more to offer and would become one of my favorite countries within both of my visits in the past two years. Mexico is not just a travel destination or a beautiful vacation memory for me, it literally took my heart. I already had good friends there before I finally decided to visit this unique spot on earth and I can honestly say that by the end of my trip I fell in love with the Mexican soul. It was one of the best experiences I have made so far and somehow it included the perfect mix of adventure, good vibes, excitement, friendship and finally love.

I fell in love with Mexico for many reasons, but the following are my top six – and if you are also considering a trip to this wonderful country, then you’d better prepare to lose your heart too!



6 Reasons you’ll Fall for Mexico

1) The incredible and breathtaking views

Whether it is from top of the Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City (it is the only castle in North America that housed sovereigns and is definitely worth a visit) with its amazing view over the immense dimension of the metropolis or standing on top of Hierve el Agua (Spanish for “the water boils” resembling cascades of water) in Oaxaca overlooking the massive mountains in the background – there are just so many incredible and extremely beautiful views over the Lands of the Aztecs and Mayans that leave you speechless. My favorite one was watching the perfect sunset at Punta Cometa in Mazunte, watching the sun slowly diving into the ocean. 

2) The natural beauty

Cactuses standing like little statues in the open wide that seem to watch over their pachamama (mother earth) with pride or the beautiful cenotes with their clear turquoise and green shaded sacred waters shape Mexico’s landscape. Steamy volcanos or glowing plankton in the moving ocean – Mexico has it all. If you are a true nature lover and an adventurer you will surely have a never-ending list of activities and diverse vegetations to explore.


3) The bright colours

Going hunting for colour pops is easy – you can simply find them everywhere. Be it in the typical striped serapes (woven blanket), on the colourful doors and walls of colonial houses decorating the streets of numerous cities, or in the handicrafts of the indigenous people. Mexico is nurtured by a whole palette of bright bold colours that prettify your day.

Mexico is not perfect: but it is full of beauty and simply too perfectly imperfect to not fall in love with it - here are six reasons you'll fall for it too!

4) The rich flavors

How many different tastes can possibly meld in one country? It seems endless! Your visit will undeniably be a culinary experience on its own if you just let it happen. Thinking of Chilaquiles, Huevos Rancheros, the famous tacos al pastor, different types of rich moles (sauce that can be mostly found in the traditional Oaxacan cuisine), tlayudas or tamales makes my mouth water and just intensifies my craving for cafe de olla (typical mexican coffee prepared with cinnamon and a special type of sugar), my all-time favorite horchata (sweet almond rice milk drink) or a cold refreshing michelada (mexican beer with tomato juice, lime, salt and chili).

Your stomach won’t get tired of the diversity of dishes this country has to offer. From the unfamiliar taste of edible insects like crispy Chapulines (dried grasshoppers mostly covered in chili powder and lime juice) to the oh-so-delicious mezcal there is a huge amount of different and exotic flavors that will enrich your tastebuds.

5) The warmhearted people

Even if there are undeniable struggles in the daily lives of many Mexicans, it just seems impressively remarkable to me how they handle their not-always-so easy-going-lives with constant optimism and mostly pure happiness. They are always up for a spontaneous fiesta or a fun activity.

Prepare yourself for welcoming smiles, warm hugs and happy faces embracing you regularly. I felt welcomed at any time and took this attitude towards others as a something to aspire to.

It is very unlikely that you won’t fall in love with the heartwarming, kind, positive, proud mexicanos. At least you will have a little crush, I’m sure.

Mexico is not perfect: but it is full of beauty and simply too perfectly imperfect to not fall in love with it - here are six reasons you'll fall for it too!

6) The mystical surreal magic

There is undoubtedly some magic in this country. Already the rich cultural background with its ancient civilizations (which can be best admired at the famous Anthropology Museum in Mexico City) is so deep and fascinating it gives you the chills and can be even overwhelming at times.

All those mystical places that tell you stories of old magical times seem to come back to reality in some surreal way. There is just something magnetic about this place that pulls you in and captivates you. It makes you want to stay and explore more of it.

Mexico is not perfect: but it is full of beauty and simply too perfectly imperfect to not fall in love with it - here are six reasons you'll fall for it too!

Mexico is not perfect. It is real, full of emotions and simply too perfectly imperfect to not fall in love with. 

This is a guest post by Sabrina Heim.

Sabrina is a 20-something year old gypsetter who currently calls Munich her home. After going on a 9-month long multilingual trip to Miami, Costa Rica and Rome she got a degree in fashion and considers Milan her second home after living there for some years. She loves to express herself in different languages, has a serious relationship with her cappuccino and a deep love affair with the ocean. Constantly spinning her globe at home inspires her to explore new exotic destinations either by herself or together with her worldwide friends following the Pura Vida spirit. She likes to call herself a bird since she is deeply convinced that she has invisible wings. Check out her past and future life moments on instagram @sabrinacorinna.