‘Live and let live’ is the Montana state motto, and every inch of this state embodies the wild American spirit. The sky really does seem bluer and bigger, the beer tastes better from a rustic town tap, the roads are winding, and the wildlife isn’t afraid to get up close and personal.

As I gear up for my last-minute road trip through the Montana wilderness, I’ve started exploring different Instagram accounts for Montana-inspiration. Montana, and the mountain wilderness engulfing the American Northwest is one of the most uninhibited, wild, and expansive areas of land in the entire United States.

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Whether you have never even heard of Montana (or whether you’re chasing your own mountains in a different country), these 6 Instagrammers will breathe fresh air down your spine, and entice you to head into the mountains soon…

6 Instagrammers that will make you want to escape to Montana:

1. Caroline // @wilderness_addict

Caroline is a self-described mountain and adventure addict who loves living in and exploring throughout Montana and the rest of the greater Northwest. Her photos are an inspiration for females everywhere as she is constantly conquering new mountains, peaks, and adventures. She has traversed and photographed some of the most beautiful (and famous) parts of the Glacier National Park including Mount Siyeh, Lake McDonald, and Many Glacier – all bucket list destinations within the park.

2. Chrissy // @flora_fauna_

Flora y fauna translates to flowers and landscapes in Spanish, and Chrissy’s feed definitely does not disappoint in these two areas. Chrissy is a Montana native, yogi, adventurer, and story-teller. Her photos range from expansive full moon shots to playful pics of her pup climbing mountains. She also has an abundance of waterfall spots like Skalaho Falls and glamping spots in the Bitter Root Valley.

A photo posted by chrissy (@flora_fauna__) on

A photo posted by chrissy (@flora_fauna__) on

A photo posted by chrissy (@flora_fauna__) on

3. Jacob // @jacobwfrank

Jacob has been drinking brews on top of Glacier National Park mountains for the last two years and capturing 4 am sunrises over some of the most beautiful lakes and landscapes in the world hidden within Glacier National Park. He regularly films backcountry videos, and recently took a position as the Yellow Stone National Park’s permanent park videographer. Check out his blog at Jacob W. Frank Photography!

4. James Tyler // @heyjames

James’ Instagram feed oozes passion for adventure – including adventurous eating, ice cream cones, coffees, and brews. His pictures feel authentic, and every photo is a snippet of a Montana story. I am determined to try each and every spot, and you should too!

5. Graeme // @grame_o

Grame Owsianski’s photos call to the wandering roadtripper headed for the west coast. His feed will make you want to hop in a van with everything you own in a duffel and go explore the countryside (with coffee in tow) of course. His recent adventures span from geyser-dipping in Utah to traversing frozen roads in Alaska and flyfishing in British Colombia. There are photos of Montana adventures in between all the others! Follow more of his escapes on his Tumblr account, Bench and Compass.

A photo posted by graeme_o (@graeme_o) on

A photo posted by graeme_o (@graeme_o) on

A photo posted by graeme_o (@graeme_o) on

6. Forrest Mankins // @forrestmankins 

With a name so similar to ‘forest’ it only makes sense that his collection of photos would make you want to literally escape to the forest. His images span the mountain areas of the American Northwest, and spill into mountain adventures in Canada as well. If you ever need an Instagram feed to escape into for a few moments, this is the one. Check out his beautiful collection over on his blog (ForrestMankins).

Are you ready for a Montana or mountain escape yet? Do these free spirits make you want to venture into the wild, make a campfire, and forget about big city life for a while? I know I’m ready to pack it all in my jeep right about now!

What other accounts did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!