A hotel is a hotel is a hotel. Uhm. Nope. And yes. A hotel provides you with a place to sleep, but here the similarities stops. A lot of you were impressed with the Rotel, the rolling hotel from our “Weird Stuff From Around The World” post and the places we showed you in this post about amazing hotels. But of course there are much more incredible places around the world we hope to stay in at one point. For our inspiration and yours, we had another go at picking out some of the most unique and outlandish places to stay around the world.

1. Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

Want to spend the night with Toby and Sweet Willy? No, that’s not an indecent proposal. You can even sleep inside Sweet Willy, the world’s biggest beagle. It’s a bed and breakfast, but gladly, the dog-obsessed owners don’t serve you dog food but self made pastries and beagles. Sorry, I mean bagels.

2. Icehotel, Sweden

Ice, Ice Baby. You don’t have to be cool to stay in the Icehotel. But to feel like the Snow Queen you have to wait until winter begins. Then a team of snow builders, architects, designers and artists from all over the world, are heading to the little village of Jukkasjärvi in Lapland to create each year’s version of Icehotel. Yes, there’s a new one EACH year. And as soon as spring springs it melts away again. Magical about this place is also its location, with the infamous Northern Lights right outside your window and the incredible Torne river just a stone’s throw away.

The Aurora at your door step.

Cuddle up in warm furs while a wonderland of ice surrounds you.

No ice cubes needed in the drinks at the bar of the Icehotel – they come in ice glasses.

3. Capsule Hotel, The Netherlands

As the Icehotel is only open during winter in the Capsule hotel you only can stay during summer. Why? Well it could get a little chilly in your survival pod. Yes, in your survival pod. Like James Bond in “The Spy Who Loved Me”. You sleep in hammocks and when you book the luxury version you will even get a DVD player with every James Bond movie ever made.

4. Hotel Everland, at the moment in Switzerland

Normally people travel to stay at a hotel. Hotel Everland travels so people can sleep here. Huh? Yes, this hotels travels around the world. It’s already been in Yverdon, Leipzig and Paris so far. There is only one room and you can only stay one night, but at the moment it’s in Switzerland and resting from all the travel. Next  stop? Not sure yet.

Why get mobile when your hotel does it for you?

A room with a view. the Everland in Paris.

Romance and relaxation guaranteed – the Everland in Switzerland’s Yverdon, by the Neuchatel lake

5. Magic Mountain Lodge, Chile

You won’t find many true four star hotels in Chile. The Magic Mountain Lodge is one of them and so much more. It adapts the story of a magic mountain which has magical powers and grants wishes. I’m not quite sure if it really has magical powers, but at least a waterfall cascades from the roof and gives this hotel a real fairytale touch.

A princess at last. Now all you need to do is find a prince who comes find you on top of your tower hotel.

The all wooden interior guarantees for a cosy feel-good time.

What was the most unique hotel you ever stayed in?