I always have an immense interest in discovering self for personal development and finding out what matters, what drives me as the journey goes on. Surprisingly, never have I envisioned I would diagnose myself with these severe signs of having wanderlust. However,  the good news is that the more you know what makes you happy, the happier you are and will be for sure. Here are the five apparent signs worth considering to set your priorities straight.

1.    Longing for the place you haven’t been

It might freak you out to think about all the hustles of flights and hotels, activities to do. Nevertheless, it makes your eyes sparkle and set your heart energetically on the burning flame, which is more than enough to go for the life experience. Nothing can stop that determination. Moreover, you genuinely realise that happiness is having problems you enjoy solving.

2. Nostalgic about the places you have been or have not even been to

Your heart nearly skips a beat whenever you read or roll your eyes over the travel posts of countries you have not been. You know what they say about ” the curiosity kills the cat” yet willingly you don’t mind the experiments anyhow. The urge to discover new experiences causes your feet itched enough to trade your daily routine with limitless liberty. The smell of the sun-kissed breeze from the ocean during the summer in Malta, Barcelona or Corfu is just much more rewarding than any material possession.

3.    Can’t wait to schedule the next destination

One trip has just finished, and you are ready to book another one. Nonetheless, the place you have been remained a special place not only in your collective memories yet as well in your heart. These priceless experiences are so dear to your heart that it always pushes you to move forward and grow further as your mind has widely opened to the most beautifully advance degree it is capable of expanding.

4.    You are too curious to stay in one place

At the bottom of your heart, you know travelling sets the smile on your face gracefully. However, it takes a certain personality to fit into that unstable, highly volatile yet immensely rewarding lifestyle. It takes time to know or discover a specific place in a more profound and sophisticated level. Never a definition of home has been as multiplying broad yet meaningful as it could have been. Anywhere can give a sense of what home can be as long it feels right. Ultimately, the most crucial element of a home is just as simple as you want it to be.

5. Genuinely interested in the travelled place in a sophisticated level

There is a massive flush of questions on your mind about the origin, the history, the art, the cuisine of places you are travelling to. Especially you love to observe how the locals live their lives as if you are watching a slow-motion movie or genuinely a reality show.  Imagining if you could live there for a while is a flash of thought, which electrifies you wholeheartedly. The best part of that movie is you having fun with your imagination as the local or the main character of your mind-entertained film in a foreign yet  soul-fulfilled place.



About the author:

As a young professional based in Amsterdam, Galaxy tries to explore the world whenever she can. Having travelled to 27 countries and lived both in Barcelona and Denmark, she believes that going out of your comfort zone will eventually bring you another amazing kind of comfort.
Find out more at abroadme.org or Twitter @galaxynguyenA or Instagram: galaxynguyen26