The North East of England seems to many people an unlikely place to head for a weekend or a short staycation, people often dismiss the idea and opt for somewhere sunnier and further down south. However, what people don’t realise is there are so many things that make the North East the perfect place for that getaway.

The People

The North East of England genuinely has some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. You absolutely cannot escape how bubbly the people are, they will talk to you wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. You can walk in to a shop and leave knowing the entire life story of the person who works behind the till, or stand in a queue and make a new friend with the person in front or behind you. It seems a little strange to someone who isn’t used to it, however, being friendly is infectious and you will soon find yourself back at home saying hello to random people in the street.

2.North Yorkshire Moors + Northumberland National Park 

Although I may be a little biased, the scenery in the North East of England is unbeatable. If you love rolling hills and lush greenery then this is really the place for you. There are two main national parks within the North East, the North Yorkshire Moors and Northumberland National Park, both beautiful in their own way. The North Yorkshire Moors is a National Park with some spectacular views, you can climb up Roseberry Topping for a 360 of the whole of the area. Not only that but the North Yorkshire Moors is actually home to one of the most popular heritage railway sites. You can relive the Golden Age and take a ride on a beautiful steam-train across the countryside.  The Northumberland National Park runs along the Scottish border and is home to the darkest skies in the UK, ideal for any astronomers out there. If that sounds like something you’d love then take a look at Kielder Observatory who offer various stargazing nights and astrophotography courses. There is also a wild variety of landscapes to be found up here from expansive hillsides, to craggy forest, as well as a stretch of some of the most unique beaches in the UK.

3. The Beaches

Whilst the North East might not be the first place you think of when it comes to beaches, it actually houses some of the best beaches in the country. Many of these beaches have actually been award winning (Blue Flag Awards) which means that they have great quality water and are clean. You can visit local hotspots such as Saltburn and Tynemouth, which are up and coming for various reasons, including their trendy bars and cafes and are always bustling on a Weekend no matter what the weather. Or if you prefer something a little more quaint there. are various beaches up the Northumberland Coastline that might take your fancy, these are more popular with outdoors enthusiasts who are in the area for a day out walking. Whilst the beaches are beautiful, because the average temperature in Summer is around 17-20 degrees, you might want to wrap up warm after a dip in the sea!

4. The Food

There are so many places in the North East of England that are completely unmissable to eat. Whether you’re looking for a traditional pub meal, seafood by the coast or just some good old fashioned hearty food, the North East has everything you could want. If you want to taste some delightful seafood, head to the coast, especially the coast of Northumberland where you can find famous restaurants such as The Jolly Fisherman in Craster. Or if you want to try a Teeside delicacy then head to the area and try a Chicken Parmo, a rich and dairy laden meal that pairs perfectly with some garlic sauce. Not only that, but around the North East you can find various Michelin Star Restaurants, so if you fancy a treat then seek out one of those!

5. Beamish Museum

If history is your thing, then a day out at Beamish Open Air Museum sounds like the perfect idea for you. Beamish is a world famous museum that tells the tales of the North of England from the 1800’s – 1950’s, set on 300 acres of land it will keep youy occupied for the full day. It is a working museum and costumed staff and volunteers bring the place to life, telling information form the decades and giving an all important sense of character. Opened in 1970, Beamish helps preserve thousands of historical artefacts and objects, which are used to fully immerse the visitor in the times, with things to do for all ages this is really somewhere not to be missed.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons I think make the North East of England a great place to come for a staycation. There is so much to do here and so many things to see, yet the North East often gets overlooked, why not try somewhere different next time you book a weekend away?