How do you choose your travel destinations? For me, a lot of the times, where I go depends a lot on how much it costs to get there. Cheap flights to Southern Europe? Yes, please. A good deal on that train ticket through the Balkans? Me me me me me! A flight overseas for less than 400 bucks? Gimme.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of places on my bucket list. I just don’t necessarily care about the order or exact time I go there. Except – yes, except for those rare few times when a place draws me in and doesn’t let me go again. Japan is that place for me. I neeeeeed to go there. Soon.

Naturally, the best thing I thought to do in this situation is to spend hour after hour on Instagram, scrolling through all the Japan-related hashtags I could think of. Care to join me? Here are my five favourite accounts that really kindle that Japan love.

1 - Tomoyasu Koyanagi (@10_ya)

Japan Instagram Inspiration

When I think Japan, my mind doesn’t really jump to wide, open spaces – more likely, the opposite. Tomoyasu Koyanagi convinced me otherwise. Just look at those dreamy landscapes! The pictures often feature humans lost in enormous, misty backgrounds, so small next to nature – the thought alone makes me drool. Please, take me there.


2 –Kaila Ocampo (@rainbowholic) 

Japan Instagram Inspiration


This is basically what I imagine my life to be like in Japan: eating cute-looking candy, walking through heaps of pink blossoms falling from the trees, and journaling about it. And by journaling, I don’t only mean journaling – this is a whole other level of diary writing. Kaila’s notebook pages are so cute they make me want to pinch them in the cheek and comment about how much they’ve grown since the last time I’ve seen them.


3 – Takashi Yasui (@_tuck4)

Japan Inspiration Instagram

I’m not the most city-loving person out there, but hey, I might yet become one. Who knew looking at cityscapes can be so soothing? Takashi captures Tokyo with his dark and mysterious photos of the metropolis, and all I can think of while looking at them is how I’ve never noticed the beauty of big cities before. Peace and serenity, but in the middle of Tokyo. YES.


4 – Harajuku Japan (@tokyofashion) 

Japan Instagram Inspiration

So we all know that Harajuku is the hippest district probably on Earth, right? And we all know that fashion is serious fun there. So fun that I cannot stop looking at all the great street styles that this Japanese magazine posts – it makes me wish I was there to witness all of this outfit creativity. And maybe get some fashion advice while I’m at it.


5 - Shirley シャリ (@littlemissbento) 

Japan Inspiration Instagram

I already love food when it looks like, well, food – but this stuff comes in shapes of cartoon characters and other loveable little dudes and dudettes. It’s called bento, and I’m sure you’ve heard of this before so the introduction stops here – but my fascination with it never will. Who am I to resist breakfast that looks like Totoro?


Oh, Instagram, how you make me dream. I might not go to Japan anytime soon, but at least my phone is there for me to make that longing a little less painful.

How about you – do you know any good Instagram accounts from or about Japan?