If you follow us on our varous social media channels and you’re the proud owner of a smart phone then I hope you’ve already had a chance to follow travelettes on Instagram as this is where we update you on all of our travels in real time. Some photos will be informative, others just plain beautiful showing off amazing landscapes, cool neighborhoods and interesting people. Instagram has also evolved into my favorite of all social media channels as I really enjoy following other people as they leave visual relics of their lives for their followers to marvel at. It’s a photo diary that can become as personal as the person chooses and it’s a great way to inspire others.

While I mostly follow people I know personally, sometimes I like to follow a stranger simply because their outlook on the world is so wonderful. Usually those people are travelers but some just take great and moving pictures. Today I’d love to share some of the people I follow with you who stand out by showing pictures which are personal, reflective, inspiring and travel-related. Hopefully at the end of this post you’ll be able to share some of your favorites on Instagram with me in the comments. This time around I will stick to only male Instagrammers, mostly because I haven’t found enough women yet whom I follow (again, if you know of good ones please share).


JackD – Jack was actually the first stranger I followed after noticing his photos somewhere. He lives in Los Angeles which he’s making look very good most of the time. If you’re in a cold country it’s always nice to see sun and palm trees popping up in his feed.


Rob Lutter – Rob is an adventurer and photographer who appears to constantly be traveling the world, usually biking and camping out in the middle of nowhere. His feed is full of open road and solitude and I always wonder where he’s going to go next.


81NY – I don’t know what his name is but this Osaka-based Instagrammer blows my mind with every sigle shot. He has perfected the art of instagramming in my eyes, with a particular focus on traveling. Especially his portraits of people he meets on the road are amazing. I would love to meet him over tea some time and pick his brain about his secrets to getting the perfect shot. 14000 followers could not be wrong. Highly recommended.


Morgan__Phillips – The man with the double underscore in his username is another LA-based photographer who likes to be on his toesdoing doing short and long trips. Often it’s just him and his girlfriend going for a drive somewhere and taking cool photos as they go. He appears to have a penchant for reflections which is especially nice.


worksology – Joshua Works and his wife and 4-year-old son actually deserve a blogpost of their own, since this awesome family of 3 is traveling the world in an airstream camper. His photos are loving yet full of life and fun. I think what those guys are doing is awesome and definitely worth following.