I’ve always been interested in underwater photography and can spend hours looking at incredible water snaps of surfers, fish or aquatic adventures. In attempt to recreate some of this magic I’ve been exploring options which would allow me to dive into the world of underwater photography.

Photo by James R.D. Scott

Photo by Micah Camara

The easiest, cheapest and most simple way to get started with underwater photography is to buy a disposable camera and just start snapping away. You can get one from anything between €5 and €15 and its a great way to start experimenting – it’s more difficult that it first seems; holding your breath, staying still underwater and snapping away all at the same time – or maybe that’s just me and my complete lack of coordination!?

If you want to keep your hands free and still get great photos of the fishes why not check out a mask and snorkel that comes equipped with an underwater camera in its headpiece; I suppose this option would help you swim away faster if/when Jaws in on your tail. Check it out here.

A great compromise between a disposable and a super expensive pro underwater camera is to invest in a compact digital camera which is also waterproof. Having done some research this Lumix model comes out on top; it has a built in compass, GPS and barometer telling you where, what direction and how deep you are just in case you get lost down there! The camera is even freezer proof down to -10 Degrees so if you want to take it ice fishing feel free – just remember I wont be joining you for that trip even if you’re offering me a wetsuit.

Finally, if your looking to jump straight into pro mode and take your SLR diving, surfing or kayaking why not try an underwater casing like this one from DiCAP – I am a little dubious about putting my beloved (and hard earned) DSLR into what is essentially a floating bag but I’ve been reading online and these products seem to get good reviews. (This company even manufacture an underwater iPad case in case you ever want to take your tablet computer snorkelling with the fishes; I don’t know about you but I’ve never really felt the urge to tweet from the bottom of the ocean.)

So ladies, all you have to do is add water and let the fun begin. Remember so share your pictures via the Travelettes flickr group when you’ve finished your underwater adventures, especially if it looks anything like the below image.

Photo via She Wore Red