Sometimes it would be nice to have eyes in the back of your head – to catch funny moments you might have missed or really get a birds eye view on the world. What if I told you that there was a way for you to get 360° vision without hours of cosmetic surgery and ending up looking like some sort of futuristic cyborg? Introducing the ball – a throwable panoramic camera.

Simply you throw the camera into the air and then it automatically captures an image at the highest point of flight – when the ball is hardly moving. Equipped with 36 cameras, just like the one you find in your mobile phone, it takes full spherical panoramas meaning you get to see every detail of the view around you from every angle. I can imagine it’s a great fun toy to use in busy city squares, beautiful scenic spots or in the middle of a bustling group of people.

Oh and don’t worry – if you’re clumsy, have butter fingers or are just inept at catching, it is padded with foam and has handles to help avoid an inevitable catastrophe.

Photo credit; Jonas Pfeil

When the ball is safely back on the ground you can connect to it through a USB port, download the images and interactively explore your new view on the world. Find out more here and happy snapping.