After having lived  in London for three years, I have learnt a lot about the city and the difference between visiting a place, as opposed to actually living there for the long haul. When I first arrived in the British capital I was full of expectations, some of which turned out the way I planned, others not so much. And then a whole lot more stuff in between I never even thought could happen.

I got to know loads of wonderful people and places, learnt to adjust to a new rhythm and in the process got to know myself a little better. But not just I have changed, my view on London has as well. At one point I simply stopped being a tourist and started to be a local – a true-to-heart London gal. Now I smile when I think back to my first ‘touristy’ trip to London, how excited I was about the red busses, the royal guards in front of Buckingham Palace, about the first time I had fish & chips. It was a different London I saw back then and today I think it’s fun to pass the test on you – are you a tourist when it comes to London? Check out if the following 30 points apply to you!

1. You go sightseeing on a double-decker bus.

2. You stop and wait at the red light before you cross.

3. The first places you visit are Oxford Circus, Picadilly Circus, London Bridge and Buckingham Palace.

4. You have never heard of Brick Lane.

The Casa Blue Bar in Bricklane

5. You actually take note of oddly dressed people.

6. You think London is foggy all the time.

7. You wait for the next tube because you think the one in front of you is too full.

waiting in front

8. You are shocked at the expensive prices everywhere.

9. It takes you 10 minutes to top up your Oyster Card.

10. You think it’s raining all the time.

rain in London

11. You are scared to take the tube elevators.

12. You are shocked when someone is wearing shorts during winter.

13. You can’t sleep because of the street noise.

14. You go shopping on Oxford Street during the weekend.

oxford circus

15. You wear flats to go party.

16. You haven’t been further than zone 2.

17. You get a shock every time a police car with loud sirens passes by.

18. You actually bike on the bike path.

19. On second thoughts, you would actually never ever bike in London.

trav_london bike

20. You go clubbing at Leicester Square.

21. You queue up for a ride with the London Eye.

london eye

22. You buy musical tickets from street vendors.

23. You haven’t been partying in Shoreditch.

24. You think everyone is talking “Queen English”.

25. You think British Food is terrible.

trav_bad british food

 These food pictures were taken at London Borough Market

26. You take a picture with the ‘model guys’ at Abercrombie & Fitch.

27. You get claustrophobia on the tube.

28. You think that houses / apartments are actually in a good condition.

Well, not all places look like this! But I really got a shock in what conditions houses/apartments are, when I arrived there

29. You cannot wait to go to Primark.

30. You haven’t been vintage shopping.

Do you have anything else to add?