Munich and I never really clicked. I grew up visiting parts of my family there in the summer, then came back for interviews and job stuff. I never really took the time to actually explore it and forget the stereotypes that have  accumulated in my head over the years. In my mind, Munich was snobby, clean and boring. That’s by no means the full picture! So when I recently went there on a work trip, I took a day off to get an idea for what I’ve missed. If you ever make it to southern Germany, here’s what to do during 24 hours in Munich (Katja put together this little guide five years ago, this is a little update).

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9am: Breakfast at Aroma Kaffeebar

Well good morning Munich! Aroma Kaffeebar is a five-minute walk from the central station. It’s home to some of the city’s finest specialty coffee and serves traditional German cakes and sandwiches. They’re almost as good as Mama’s, I’m telling ya! The guys there also support Shades of Love, a humanitarian project that provides locals in the Himalayas with sunglasses to help protect their eyes from the strong UV rays.

10.30am: Appreciating the arts at Pinakothek der Moderne & Villa Stuck

Admittedly, you could spend entire days going through Munich’s art galleries but these two are my favourites. Villa Stuck is a small gallery with constantly changing exhibitions, so do keep an eye out on their program to make sure the pieces are your thing. Pinakothek der Moderne is an absolute institution and can probably be compared to London’s Tate Modern. I can also highly recommend Museum Brandhorst. They’ve dedicated an entire room to art by CY Twombly which has been the most inspiring exhibition I’ve seen in a long, long time!

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2pm: Lunch at Trachtenvogl

I’ve been regularly going to Trachtenvogl for about eight years now and although it is becoming very, very, very popular, somehow the baristas managed not to lose any of their enthusiasm or friendliness. Thumbs up for their fresh lemonade, blankets and outside tables!

3pm: Watching the surfers ride the Eisbach waves

Right, you’ve probably heard this story. There is this little stream, Eisbach, where the young crowd practices their surfing skills while large parts of the population are watching or streaming it live on Periscope. No pressure. If you’d rather exercise a bit yourself, take a dip at Müllersches Volksbad, a historical indoor swimming pool and spa that will instantly make you feel like you’ve time-traveled to ancient Rome.

4.30pm: Afternoon rooftop coffee at Vorhoelzer Forum

Who’s in for a bit of rooftop action? Finding this one is a little tricky. It’s located on top of the Technical University (TU). The crowd up there consists of students, hipsters, tourists and art enthusiasts. It’s a pretty vibrant mix and the view over Munich is pretty fantastic.

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6.30pm: Dinner at Bar Joon

Bar Joon is a popular hangout for students who are either procrastinating, getting drunk or scribbling some notes together in panic. Or all of the above. It’s one of these places that makes you realise that Munich is not just up and coming anymore, cool things (and furniture!) are already in full swing.

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8pm: Drinks at Glockenbachviertel

The Glockenbachviertel district is your best bet for spontaneous encounters, whiskey sours and long summer nights. Especially in summer, just strolling up and down the streets will make it very hard for you to decide on just one bar at a time.

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10pm: Nighty night at Derag Livinghotel 

Your feet will now be very thankful for a bit of rest. Now listen up, because this one is a very well-kept secret: I’ve had the comfiest of nights at the sustainable and eco-friendly Derag Living Hotel. The building is literally on Viktualienmarkt, a huge market space with traditional Bavarian food, oriental spices and pretty flowers. Each room has been designed in a very minimalist, classy style and the panorama view on Munich’s old town also isn’t too shabby. Each room features an oil mattress where you can adjust the softness (not kidding!). It’s the perfect way to unwind after your whirlwind day in the city.

Have you been to Munich? If not, are you convinced to visit now? If so, what are some things you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclosure: The Derag Living Hotel provided us with two free nights,
all views are Caroline’s own.