Are you the kind of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions? I definitely am – each year, I take time for myself to sit down, reflect on the year that just passed, and then decide on where I want to go from here. I try to build on past experiences and lessons as much as I reach for new goals and aim to establish a few new habits. This goes for my everyday life as well as for my travels – thinking about how and, maybe more importantly, where to spend the upcoming year when travelling often ends up being the best part about my New Year’s reflections.

This year, I thought I might mix it up a little – instead of choosing some key destinations like I usually do, why not think about how I could make 2017 my best year in travel yet? Looking at the long list of ideas that ended up being the result, I can already tell you right now that I am not going to do all of these things (okay, in full honesty, I’m not even going to come close!). Instead, I choose to look at all these travel tips, destinations, and ideas for what to do when I’m at home but still want to feel like I’m discovering the world as inspiration to make my 2017 my best travel year yet.

Who knows, maybe you could use some travel inspiration as well? There’s sure to be something in these 200 ways to make 2017 your best travel year yet that will get your wanderlust going - have a look and see for yourself. Here’s to a very Traveletty 2017!

200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet

  1. Start by checking out Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2017” destinations of the year
  2. Don’t forget to have a look at their “Top 10 Value” list as well
  3. While you’re at it, also have a look at National Geographic’s top destinations for 2017
  4. In 2017, make your travel dreams come true and go to a place you’ve always dreamed of going, but you’ve never been to
  5. Or maybe re-visit a place you’ve been wanting to go back to for a long time
  6. Make 2017 the year you visit Canada – because of the Free National Park Admission!
  7. Set yourself a challenge to stay in the most unusual accommodation you can find 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Beach
  8. Beaches! Lots of beaches in 2017!
  9. Plan a trip around an activity you’ve always wanted to try – how about a skiing weekend? Or a paragliding lesson?
  10. This year, treat yourself to a weekend in a fancy hotel, especially if usually you wouldn’t splurge on accommodation
  11. Travel to a place far up North and chase the Northern Lights
  12. Or make a point of avoiding the cold entirely this year and chase the sun in your travels – enjoying a cocktail in a coconut on a nice, sunny beach while home is slowly being covered in snow doesn’t sound so bad, does it?
  13. In 2017, head to the Faroe Islands before everyone else does
  14. Travel to a country or region that is totally off the beaten path – like Central Asia! 10 Reasons to put Kyrgyzstan on your Travel Radar
  15. Or visit some of the lesser-known cities of a country that people don’t usually visit to – it doesn’t always have to be the capital, after all…
  16. Set foot on another continent – maybe one you’ve never been to before?
  17. Travel off-season!
  18. Use the map function on AirBnB to find remote, but unique places to stay at
  19. Or look for “Rural” Couchsurfing groups to discover places – and new friends – in very unexpected places
  20. Travel to Japan!
  21. If you’re planning a trip through Europe, avoid the tourist masses and explore Eastern Europe and the Balkans instead Istanbul kebab Refugee Crisis Travel
  22. Start writing a travel journal
  23. Even if you don’t have time for a full-blown diary entry every day, maybe just jot down the most important things or funniest moments of each day
  24. Check out Forbes’ best travel apps of 2017 – they might come in handy
  25. Try hitchhiking for the first time!
  26. Learn how to take better pictures when travelling – like here, where Travelette Annapurna shows you how to take great shots of people
  27. Or get photo inspiration from photographers on Instagram – like the very talented ones from this list 
  28. Take advantage of your 2017 city trips and try to squeeze in a day trip or two to discover more of the country around Portugal Day Trips from Lisbon
  29. Use your layovers wisely
  30. And your weekends, too
  31. Go for slow travel!
  32. Be an early bird – both when it comes to getting up in the morning to make the most of your day, and booking flights and tickets in advance!
  33. Visit a country or region that totally wasn’t on your radar before Mountains Hills Hiking Georgia Caucasus
  34. Speaking of which – maybe visit Georgia (the one in the Caucasus, not the U.S. state) in 2017! We’ve written about why it should be on your bucket list here.
  35. Or make this year the year that you finally go on that Round-The-World Trip that you’ve been thinking about
  36. Before heading to a new destination, enrich your travel experience and read a book by one of the city’s or country’s most significant authors
  37. Go on an adventure!
  38.  Collect tickets, flyers, and printed-out photos of your trip and create a little album or memory box one you’re back home
  39. Use your favourite book or movie as inspiration and travel to the place it was written, inspired, or filmed 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Solo
  40. Travel solo!
  41. Yes, even if you’re a woman!
  42. Especially if it means that you have to leave your comfort zone – you know what they say, leaving it does wonders sometimes
  43. Travel to another country to visit a festival
  44. Learn about 101 Little Habits That Make You A Better Traveller
  45. Start hosting people on Couchsurfing and AirBnb
  46. Take a trip with someone you’ve never travelled with before
  47. Or maybe try travelling with your parents (again)? You might learn valuable life lessons from it! 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Exotic Food
  48. Eat something you would never think of eating at home
  49. Check out the Girl Eat World Instagram if you need a little food inspiration for what exotic delicacy you should give a try this year
  50. Try travelling without a camera – you’ll travel for the journey, not the pictures
  51. Instead, maybe start drawing some impressions in a travel sketchbook – this way, you’ll take time to take in the scenery and remember it more vividly
  52. In 2017, pick up a sport that you can do from anywhere on the road
  53. Or take advantage of the place you are in and learn something you can only do in some parts of the world – like learning how to dive! 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Mountains Ski Snowboard
  54. If you are near the mountains – take skiing classes, or learn how to snowboard
  55. Explore new places or cities by going for a run!
  56. This year, be super prepared for your travels – for example, save a map of the local subway or bus system on your phone so you’ll have it ready when you need it
  57. You could also get an offline dictionary app that will get you through difficult language situations
  58. Get a cute passport sleeve!
  59. Get up to meet the sunrise with a morning yoga session on the beach at least once this year Mountains Hills Hiking Austria Alps Europe
  60. Or, if you’re not travelling to the seaside in 2017, try to greet the new day on top of a mountain or hill at least on one morning
  61. Start writing hand-written letters from your destinations to your closest friends
  62. Or use your travel pictures to  make your own postcards to send to family and friends
  63. To get that travel vibe going even when you’re at home, start cooking recipes from around the world 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Food Turkish Meze Foreign Recipe
  64. Or read books from authors around the world – here’s a list that could help you get started
  65. Find a newsletter or Whatsapp alert that will notify you for error fares from your country – this way, you’ll get the cheapest flight tickets
  66. If you’re on a budget, the Maledives might be a great place to go
  67. Alternatively, try Honduras for a stunning, but cheap Caribbean holiday
  68. Shop at local (designer) stores instead of the main chains that you can find anywhere
  69. Visit local arts and crafts markets for inspiration – and souvenirs! 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Art Craft Market
  70. If you want to bring back home a souvenir that will give you pleasure for a long time, buy hand-made furniture and have it sent or shipped home
  71. If furniture is too big for you, maybe go for some pottery - usually, it is possible to have it shipped home safely, waiting for you when you get home (or coming as a nice aftertaste of your trip a few weeks later)
  72. Sign up to our Travelettes Facebook group to get connected with other female travellers around the world
  73. This year, start learning another language
  74. Or teach yourself how to become a pro at packing to optimise luggage space
  75. Better yet, learn how to combine your clothes in as many ways as possible, so you won’t have to take as many with you in the first place 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Snowboard Ski Equipment
  76. Also think about renting certain things once you get to the place you are – there’s no need to bring your skiing equipment to the mountains, for example
  77. Instead of planning the entire day meticulously, just wander around for one day and see where your two feet take you
  78. Speaking of walking, always check online if there’s a free walking tour of the city you’re going to – they’re a great introduction to a new city
  79. In 2017, do something that scares you – like climbing through the very dark, very water-filled caves in Semuc Champey, Guatemala, with only a candle to guide your way 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Semuc Champey Guatemala
  80. If you’re the kind of traveller that takes tons of photos on your phone, this year use one of those companies that turn your photos into polaroids or other cute projects
  81. If you have a longer time to travel, consider staying in one place for a while – you will discover it all the better!
  82. Similarly, instead of trying to cram as many countries as possible into your holiday, stick to just one – you’ll get a lot more out of it.
  83. Finally get over your fear of flying with these helpful tips
  84. Be spontaneous – just go to the airport, check for any last-minute seats or good deals, and spend a few days in a totally unexpected location go by plane
  85. Make use of the book exchanges that you can find in most youth hostels – most will let you trade books even if you are not staying there
  86. Take part in a cooking class this year and learn all about those mouthwatering, foreign delicacies!
  87. Or try at east one food tour this year – they can be the key to understanding a culture 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Food Tour
  88. Set yourself a 100$ challenge – travel as much as you can while only spending 100 bucks (yes, in total)
  89. Check out our New Year’s Resolutions for Travellers
  90. Ask the waiter or waitress what they think is the best item on the menu and just go with that, even if you have no idea what’s in it
  91. Or let a local order for you in a restaurant
  92. Repurpose an old van and hit the road! Travelettes Itinerary Central California Yosemite
  93. If you don’t have a van, but a car that is big enough to hold a mattress – put the seats down in the back, pop in a mattress, and drive somewhere to spend a night in the wild
  94. Check out these Instagram accounts for more road trip inspiration!
  95. Make 2017 a year of extremes (and by that I mean wacky travel destinations) – like, have you ever visited the Southern-most point of Europe? The lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere?
  96. Read travel blogs about your home state or country and feel like a tourist yourself
  97. Or, check Tripadvisor for the coolest things around your home
  98. When on a city trip, look out for restaurants and cafés that you could never find at home – how about a cat café?
  99. Check out the events and concerts of a place in advance – maybe you can get tickets for a very special evening that otherwise you would have missed 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Event
  100. Learn all about the 100 Things You Can Do To Be Happy Anywhere
  101. Use dating apps to meet people in new destinations
  102. Get a magazine subscription to a magazine from another country – each month, you’ll get a taste of travel delivered straight to your home
  103. Decorate your home like a traveller
  104. Hit Etsy for handmade and personalised finds from around the world
  105. When at home, create a playlist that will make you feel like you are far, far away
  106. If you like to watch sports, see if there’s a game going on in the country you’re visiting – even if it’s not “your” sport, it can be a lot of fun
  107. Especially if you’re going to a place where the national sport is something completely unusual, like in Kyrgyzstan 10 Reasons to put Kyrgyzstan on your Travel Radar
  108. Even if you only have limited time in a place, make sure to include a museum visit, especially if there are good ones around – it’s easy to skip going to museums, but they offer so much
  109. Have a pen pal – yes, even in 2017 that can still be a thing
  110. At home, start walking from your house and see how far you get – and what you discover hidden in your very own neighborhood!
  111. Or take a bus until the end of the line and walk back home
  112. Try something new and don’t look at any pictures on Google of the place you’re going to beforehand
  113. Check if there is a Running Dinner in the city you are going to – it’s a great way to meet new people and learn about the local culinary traditions Chiang Mai Vegetarian Food Guide Northern Thai Temple Jackfruit
  114. This year, go on a cruise!
  115. Start your own travel blog
  116. Start contributing to Google Maps and become a Local Guide – if you are a strong contributor, you can get opportunities for free travel
  117. Invest in a good, long-lasting suitcase or backpack – you’ll be thankful not only during 2017, but for many years to come
  118. Or stock up on travel essentials – maybe 2017 is the year you’ll finally get one of those neck comforters that look so comfy?
  119. Sleep under the stars (without a tent) at least once this year 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Sleeping Under The Stars
  120. Go on microadventures that you can do from your home
  121. Follow us on Instagram for more travel inspiration!
  122. This year, finally visit the foreign friend you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time now
  123. Staying at friend’s places in foreign countries is also a great idea to keep your budget in check!
  124. Try to find a point in every city you go to where you have a good view from above– even if it means you have to climb 500 steps to get to it, the view will be the perfect reward 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet View
  125. Follow your favourite bloggers on Snapchat or watch their Instagram stories and let yourself be taken away to foreign countries with them, (almost) in real time
  126. Check with the local tourism agency for tips and help with your itinerary if you get stuck, they are usually very happy to help
  127. Find out how the things you consume at home are produced – for example, visit a coffee plant or a tea plantation
  128. It’s also the best place to get coffee or tea as a souvenir – not only will you be reminded of your trip every time you drink it, you’ll also know exactly where and how it was produced Chiang Mai Vegetarian Food Guide Northern Thai Tour Vegetarian Tea Plantation
  129. Be flexible what time of year you travel – this way, you’ll be able to get cheaper tickets!
  130. When using flight search engines to book a flight, don’t choose exact dates, but rather look for the dates where tickets are cheapest
  131. Read these 25 Tips to Save Money for Travel
  132. Go for a walk during a moonlit night and discover your surroundings anew
  133. If you’re visiting South East Asia, maybe have a tailor made swimsuit made for you – because, when else will you do that?
  134. Use Couchsurfing meetups to meet new, like-minded travellers – most cities host weekly or monthly events
  135. Speaking of which – Couchsurf more! Made in LA Wall Los Angeles
  136. Google the most instagrammable spots of a city before you go – if that’s your thing (I know it’s definitely something I’ve done before, no shame!)
  137. At home, take your camera with you for a day and document things as if you were on a trip
  138. Or even do it for a week and then make a photo album out of the results!
  139. Write postcards from your home town to your friends, just like you would if you were travelling
  140. Start collecting miles and get flight awards
  141. Be mindful when you travel
  142. Learn how to get into a traveler’s mindset from home 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Hot Springs
  143. Go the extra mile this year and make an effort to reach the most amazing destinations – if you have to hike for an hour until you get to the most beautiful, natural hot springs on earth, go for it
  144. This year, maybe share one of your travel stories on Travelettes? Contribute here!
  145. Before visiting a city, check to see if there are any blogs specifically for that city – you can usually get the best insider information from them
  146. Make 2017 a very relaxed travel year and go for massages – lots of them
  147. Also opt for pedicures when abroad – often, they are much cheaper than at home! Travelettes Itinerary Central California Yosemite Park
  148. Go for at least one hike or walk in a National Park this year!
  149. Participate in Bookcrossing!
  150. Find out about the best national TV shows or movies of a destination and watch at least one of them
  151. Don’t forget to also research some music – Spotify is a good first place to look, but make sure to ask locals about their favourite local bands, as well
  152. Speaking of locals -  ask them what their personal favourite spots of their city or country are – not the most touristy, but the most meaningful to them
  153. And don’t forget to ask them about their favourite restaurants – this way, you’ll have a reliable source for restaurant recommendations Hotel Altstadt Vienna Boutique Art Creative Unique Viennese
  154. Stay in a hotel in your own town
  155. Or book a weekend in a spa near you to get away from everything for a little while
  156. Be bold – maybe you’ve been thinking about moving to another country? Well, 2017 could be your year!
  157. Or go even bigger and quit your job to become a full-time traveller
  158. Alternatively, take up a career that lets you travel the world 
  159. This year, take a trip where you rely entirely on car sharing for transportation
  160. Or try house sitting/sharing – especially if you’re travelling with a lot of people or your entire family, it can be a very stress-free and budget friendly way to have a lot of space to yourself
  161. When travelling, visit local farmer’s markets and buy fresh produce from the surrounding areas Chiang Mai Vegetarian Food Guide Northern Thai Tour Vegetarian
  162. Support NGOs if you’re traveling to countries – for example, you can look for associations that support local economies (and often, women) and buy handmade rugs or textiles
  163. Volunteer!
  164. Have a little holiday fling in another country
  165. Always, always, always ask other travellers you meet on the road for advice on where to go next
  166. Tuck away a bit of money each month and then, near the end of 2017, use that money to go on a trip!
  167. Buy art made in the country you’re visiting
  168. This year, make an effort to time your visits of sights so you can be at the most beautiful place once sunset comes
  169. Go somewhere you could never go at home – like to the top of a volcano!
  170. Buy a bike and explore your surroundings 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Bike
  171. Go on a very special trip – and visit your parents!
  172. Visit a local farm or factory to experience how a country’s traditional products are produced
  173. Learn a traditional folk dance from another country – or even your own!
  174. If the wanderlust hits, but you can’t go anywhere at the moment, watch foreign language films to make staying at home feel more like being abroad
  175. Start travelling with your kids this year!
  176. Or, if you don’t have children, have a look at these ten reasons why you should travel like a child
  177. Contact the expat community in your home town and ask them to meet for coffee – you will learn a lot about their countries and cultures without having to travel anywhere
  178. If you’re abroad (especially for a longer time), meet up with them to make new friends and learn how to adjust to the new culture 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Friends
  179. Take a trip with your best friends – and if your schedules are hard to combine, sit down and really take time to fix a date to make it happen!
  180. Go to a destination that is totally in the middle of nowhere
  181. Buy an item of clothing by a local designer as a souvenir – wearing these clothes will always remind you of your trip
  182. If you cannot travel this year, browse through coffee table books of beautiful destinations to fuel your imagination
  183. Or create your own coffee table books, using the pictures you took on your travels!
  184. Look for destinations that are close to you – often, the most beautiful places are right under your nose 200 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet Home
  185. Keep an open mind about transportation options – maybe there are busses from your town that go to the most interesting places that you’ve never thought of?
  186. If you don’t have time to travel this year, but would like to spend some money on something meaningful to you – maybe think about donating something?
  187. If you’re travelling for a longer time, start a small newsletter to send to friends and family back at home
  188. Block your days off from work this year to get one big chunk of time and use it to travel to a destination far away
  189. When at home, take time for yourself and let yourself relax like you would on a holiday
  190. And if you’re abroad and feeling homesick, learn how to make yourself feel at home anywhere Home Homesick Far Away Travel
  191. This year, do something really crazy once – like bungee jumping!
  192. Even if you are at home, do at least one thing you would usually never do for an adventure that you don’t have to travel far for
  193. Make 2017 the year that you started going on fitter holidays – check this article to learn how to include sports and healthy food in your travels
  194. Try Hipcamp this year for very outdoors-y, but beautiful accommodation
  195. Set yourself a purposely low budget for a trip this year that forces you to get creative
  196. Visit a museum this year that you’ve never been to before
  197. Camp out in your backyard or your balcony
  198. Be prepared – read about the 100 Things Useful To Know Before You Go Backpacking
  199. Make an effort this year to really take the time before a trip to plan your stay – especially if it’s a short one!
  200. And lastly, spend this New Year’s abroad for a perfect ending to a very Travelette-y 2017!

Did you get inspired yet? We here at Travelettes sure hope so – and wish you a very successful 2017, whether you’re travelling or not!