I feel like it’s been ages since I last got out on a vacation (in reality it’s not so far back with my Italy trip in July) but when you work long hard days over an extended period of time, you need to get out and remember what you’re working for. So when last week an opportunity came up for me to spend a week in Madrid, I didn’t have to think too long and booked a flight right away. I’ve never been to Madrid and I only hear good things about it. And the fact that it’s about 20 degrees warmer than Berlin right now doesn’t make it any less attractive.

I got in last night, dropped off my bags at a gorgeous apartment in a lovely part of town (the person who usually lives here is now staying at my place back home – more on that later) and headed for one of the many restaurants in the neighboorhood to enjoy the best tortilla de papas y jamòn I’ve ever had.



I went to bed listening to the Fiiday night voices of Madrid outside my apartment and woke up to a peaceful 9am silence paired with those rays of sunshine i’ve been missing for at least 2 months.

I grabbed my camera, stepped outside and took photos of everyhing that struck me as interesting .. _20101210_9999_18





…until I found a supermarket where I bought everything I need (and more) for the upcoming week.


Then I decided what I should have for breakfast and my choice fell upon an item of food I used to love when I was 19 and still living in Barcelona: Fuet.


I finished the whole thing on my tiny balcony and then sat down at my desk for the week with some freshly brewed coffee to check emails and write this blogpost…


Now I will go outside in the sun, walk down pittoresque streets, marvel at delicate foods, explore unique little shops and exchange hola’s with friendly faces.