To travel long-term with the love of your life might sound like the most romantic thing in the world… And it is. You’ll watch thousands of sunsets together. You’ll share the experience of exploring new places and you’ll enjoy food, cultures and experiences from all over the world together.

But traveling as a couple isn’t always romantic. It also means that you will be together 24/7  – even when life isn’t perfect. When you end up in a disgusting, smelly hostel room with no door to the bathroom. Or when you’re in the middle of nowhere with no Ubers available. You’ll spend hours in small hotel rooms, on dirty trains and at bad restaurants together, and there’s no way you can escape and run over to see your best friend.

However, there are still tons of great little things you can do to remind each other that you actually are two lucky bastards to be able to do this amazing journey together. Most of them are fun, but can be hard to remember when you’re having the time of your life.


Decide which day is your Saturday

1) Decide which day is your Saturday

This might sound ridiculous when you’re traveling and every day is a holiday. But when you eat out every day and no-one is there to remind you that it’s Friday or Saturday since you don’t need to know, it’s easy to forget about having celebration days. To have one evening a week when you actually dress up, get off your budget and find a nice restaurant with a beautiful romantic setting is such a romance boost. Put a weekly alarm on your phone so you don’t forget – and while you do this, think about how lucky you are to have a day to celebrate.

2) Spend time away from each other

Just because you’re traveling together, it doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Someone standing behind your back sighing while you shop for earrings at the market doesn’t really strengthen a relationship – sometimes it’s better to split up and meet each other for lunch later! I even met a couple whilst trekking in Nepal that didn’t walk together; they met up for lunch, and when they had finished trekking for the day. Instead of arguing over walking speed, they sensibly decided to do walk separately. To spend some time on your own is also a good way to meet new people, because it often seems that people are wary of initiating contact with you when you’re a couple.


Pretend to be the perfect laid-back girlfriend when things goes wrong

3) Pretend to be the perfect, laid-back girlfriend when things go wrong

Do you remember when just started dating your partner and you wanted to be that perfect, potential girlfriend? You didn’t get angry about anything. You just shrugged your shoulders, laughed, said  “shit happens” and your potential partner thought you were the most easygoing girl on the planet. Then, after getting together, you showed the real, irascible you – and maybe smiled behind his or her back for being that easily fooled.

When traveling things will go wrong. Often. The hotel may have the wrong night for your booking and suddenly you have nowhere to sleep. You may drop your passport in the water by Taj Mahal (yes, I’ve actually seen this happening) or your mobile charger will stop working. But in these situations, try to go back to being that girl that just shrugs her shoulders and smiles; it’s just so much easier to have the mindset that things will sort themselves out and not trying to be in control of everything. Because when you’re traveling, you’ll never be in 100% control.

4) Bring a date outfit

When packing for long-term travel you pack light – really light. That means that you’ll see your partner in the same clothes every damn day. And you will see yourself in the same damn clothes every day as well. To feel pretty in the shorts and t-shirt you’re wearing every day is not easy. To bring or buy one piece of clothing that you can save for your date nights or when you’ll be doing something romantic is an easy way to feel a little bit hotter, and at the same time get in the mood to feel this evening is something special.


Spoil yourself with a luxury hotel night

5) Spoil yourself with a luxury hotel night

Firstly, sex is important. Secondly, getting all cozy isn’t the easiest in a cold room that smells of mould where you can hear your neighbor sneezing through the paper thin walls. To spend a day and night in a really nice hotel room with room service and a big fluffy bed is such a good trick to get the romance flowing.

6) Do activities where you meet other people

When you’re at home, you have your friends and family to provide someone else to talk to other than your partner. But when traveling it’s easy find yourself isolated as a couple. When traveling as a duo instead of solo you have the advantage that you can get a double room instead of a bed in a shared sleeping dorm – but this advantage also means that you’ll miss out on the place where most travelers meet each other. Instead you need to find other ways of meeting new people. One good way is to do courses or voluntary work where you will be put into a group with others – that way you’ll have no choice other than to meet new people.


Take a vacation from the vacation

7) Take a vacation from the vacation

Things go so fast when you want to see as much as possible within the time limit you have. Traveling isn’t relaxing. It’s hardcore work – but fun work. To take a week at a beach resort is a great way to stop and reflect on what you’ve been experiencing together. It’s also a good reason to take a break from snapping amazing photos to put up on Instagram, or to find the coolest restaurants or tourist attractions. Since there is basically nothing more to do then enjoy the sun and each others’ company, you can for once just focus on each other and relax.

8) Keep some doors closed

You will most likely be food poisoned and have different stomach problems during your travel. It’s a part of it, and no big deal. But even if you share everything else together – some things are just better kept to yourself. Keep doors closed and don’t describe in detail!


Get yourself an Airbnb and pretend you live an everyday life

9) Get yourself an Airbnb and pretend you’re living everyday life

When you’re out traveling, being at home is what’s exotic. To make your own breakfast and eat it in front on the TV. To go grocery shopping, grab a bottle of wine and make dinner at home. It’s funny how cooking food together can be so enjoyable but it really is after eating out for two months straight. Also watching a really cheesy movie from home is the perfect way to just shut out all new impressions and relax your mind for a bit.

10) Get drunk and dance (or do something else you enjoy doing together)

Don’t forget to do what you love together, as a couple (besides traveling). If you love going to concerts, see if there’s any concert on in the city where you are right now. If you love drinking beer and dancing together, make that happen, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Don’t just do what you’re expected to do since you’re out traveling – also do the things you really enjoy. Nothing is impossible. It just requires a bit more research.


Photo source: Unsplash