Instagram is full of travel inspiration. From golden sunsets to engaging portraits and spontaneous moments. I love using the app to find my new favourite travel photographers, and each of the 10 I’ve chosen below offer a different style and sense of place for where they travel. We hope you enjoy each and every one of these incredible accounts, and don’t forget to follow them for more of their beautiful work!

1. Jon Collins @easternsuns

jon collins

Jon Collins is a travel photographer and writer uses Instagram as a storytelling platform. Each of his beautiful, dream-like photographs is accompanied by a detailed caption describing where and how the photograph was shot. His photos focus around water, rolling hills at golden hours and his fascination with humanity, which he captures so well. Jon has recently travelled to Japan, Hong Kong and Myanmar, as well as showcasing older images from places like Sudan, Yemen and Nepal.

2. Yulia Denisyuk @insearchofperfect


Yulia Denisyuk captures the world beautifully and I particularly love her photographs of Kazakstan, her native country and a place she gives wonderful insight and understanding to. She has also recently showcased some NYC photos, and yet again her unique perspective show the city in a totally different light compared to most other Instagrammers. She’s certainly one to watch!

3. Marianna Jamadi @nomadic_habit


A long time favourite of mine, Marianna Jamadi and her blog Nomadic Habit are one place you must go for constant wanderlust. Marianna has travelled around the world, capturing it all through her camera lens and on her blog. She is a recent recipient of the VSCO Artist Initiative and has chosen to follow dancers in Colombia. It’s a fascinating story, so make sure to take a look.

4. Natalia Horinkova @_nata_ 


Natalia Horinkova is currently travelling through Madagascar and she offers incredible insight into the country and the people who rule it’s waters. Both above and within the ocean, she follows tribes people and fishermen and captures unique and everyday moments which bring you right in the moment. It’s made me yearn to visit Africa’s most mysterious island nation!

5. Rachel Isley @rijselyimages


Rachel Isely describes herself as a frequent flyer, and indeed she does seem to be constantly travelling to exotic and colourful locations, from India to Panama to Cuba and beyond. I love her style of photography: colourful, vibrant and with a deep and personal sense of place.

6. Müjgan Afra Özceylan @mujganozceylan


Exploring the Middle East has never looked more perfect than through the eyes of Mujgan Afra Ozceylan. Her Instagram follows her through her native Turkey, Tunisia and Paris among others. She shoots on both film and digital and captures forgotten moments and subtle light perfectly.

7. Melissa Findley @melissafindley


Australian photographer Melissa Findley captures incredible golden light, landscapes and ocean scenes. She travels regularly around Australia, the South Pacific and Asia, and also releases zines of her work. Her latest one is available here. I love the peacefulness in her shots and how her personality constantly shines through her work.

8. Drew Hopper @drewhopper


Drew Hopper is much more than just an Instagrammer – he is quickly making a name for himself as one of the world’s leading travel photographers. His work is constantly inspiring me, merging the grounds between travel photography and photojournalism. He has recently travelled extensively through India and his shots are some of my very favourites.

9. Rachel Claire @fieldnotes__

field notes

Rachel Claire’s deep love for the earth and outdoor beauty is very evident through her photographs, which are mostly in shades of emerald green or copper gold. She’s currently travelling through Europe, and has previously spent time in the Middle East, where she captured the streets of Libya and Egypt.

10. Stephanie Dandan @infinitesatori


Stephanie Dandan, aka Satori, has got to be one of the Internet’s most inspiring storytellers. Her work, which is rooted in words but accentuated by her photography, inspires me endlessly to live a life without fear. She’s recently spent time volunteering in Nepal and trekking to Annapurna Base Camp, but is now back in the USA with upcoming plans to head to Hawaii.

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Who are your favourite travel photographers on Instagram? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!