I’ve written about Berlin before and given my top tips for visiting this wonderful city. Although there is a ton of stuff to do here, don’t be fooled! – you don’t necessarily need to block an entire week or more on your calendar. You can easily enjoy the perks of Berlin during a short weekend trip. We’ve partnered up with Expedia to come up with 10 reasons why Berlin is the perfect place for a city break.

1) Relax

Unlike some cities, Berlin is an easy place to kick back and relax. With sprawling parks and gardens, you can easily wander around until you’ve forgotten that you’re actually in a big European capital-city. Fancy a sip or snack while you get some R&R? There are countless charming cafes and biergartens to choose from.


2) History

I’ll admit that it took me some coming of age to truly appreciate the complex histories of other places and cultures, but now it’s something I can’t get enough of. There’s no better way to escape the everyday than by taking an intellectual adventure while you’re on a literal one. Most everyone knows of Berlin’s eventful history – but they might not know of the many interesting ways to learn about it. For example, you can take a guided tour of the underground system and bunkers, or, get a first-hand account and guided tour of a former DDR prison.

3) Waterways

Berlin is home not only to the Spree – the massive river running through the metropolis – but also to an extensive network of lakes. Forget about your worries on the riverbanks in the city centre or take your mini-break to the next level by renting a boat and setting sail on the open water.


4) Sightseeing

Do you prefer taking in the sights while traveling? Berlin’s got more than enough to fill your SD card. With monumental sites like the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Museum Island, Potsdamer Platz and so much more, you’re definitely covered on the sightseeing front. Hop on the Bus 100 to see Berlin’s best offerings on a dime.

5) Museums

With over 170 museums and art galleries, the German capital is a haven for exhibition enthusiasts. And there’s something for everyone – whether it’s a visit to the classic Pergamon Museum or a tour through the Hamburger Bahnhof – a modern art museum with permanent exhibitions and rotating collection installations.


6) Nightlife

Frequently voted best city for nightlife, Berlin is a thriving, thumping city with loads to offer throughout all hours of the night. Swanky cocktail bars sit next to sport pubs which sit next to pulsing nightclubs. Skip your normal weekend routine for something a little different.

7) Shopping

City breaks are meant to break-up the routine and give you a breath of fresh air – so why not freshen up your closet while you’re at it? Berlin has some great places to shop. Head to Unter den Linden or the new and expansive Mall of Berlin for your designer brands or opt for local boutiques or thrift stores for more unique offerings.


8) Markets

Tired of strolling through the same old markets in your hometown? Berlin is home to many eclectic markets offering anything from second-hand goods and local art to handmade items and food.

9) Food

Speaking of food, that’s another reason to spend your long weekend here. Street food, gourmet food, vegan food – you name it, we’ve got it. Persian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian (the list goes on and on)… we’ve got all that too – and with great quality. Come to Berlin to expand your culinary horizons and satisfy your appetite.


10) Budget-friendly

Last but certainly not least, Berlin is a great place for a mini-break because it is affordable and won’t set you back much money. Compared to other big European cities, Berlin is still considered a cheap place to live and visit.

This is a guest post by Briana Goad.

briana goad Bri is a small-town girl from the Southern U.S. living in big-city Europe. Originally from Athens, Georgia, she planted roots in Berlin in 2011 and lives for travel, good weather, and great food. Whether it’s relaxing on the beaches of Belize, interviewing trendsetters on the streets of Lisbon, or touring the towering city of Tokyo, Bri lives a life on the go and is always up for the next adventure. In between her travels she works as a freelance designer from her home studio. Follow her adventures at home and abroad on Instagram and her blog.