While Asia might have exotic cultures and the Americas have untouched landscapes, you can’t deny that Europe does cities the best. It’s that perfect mix of beautiful old architecture, vibrant modern cultures and incredible food. I love exploring European cities and each and every one seems to offer something different and unique.

My recent trip to Copenhagen was my second time exploring Scandinavia (I’ve previously only been to Iceland), and the city seemed to encompass everything that Scandinavia is so famous for around the globe. Friendly people, laid back living, plenty of green spaces and a lively and hip cafe and food culture. I guarantee you too will fall in  love with Copenhagen, and here are 1o reasons why!

1. It’s super cycle friendly

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Thought Amsterdam was the most bike friendly city in the world? Well it’s certainly got some competition from Copenhagen. This city is built for cycling, with bike hire everywhere, raised cycle paths, and more bike parking than car parking! I highly recommend hiring a bike for the day – it makes getting around super affordable and fun!

2. They have a cafe dedicated to porridge


Now I know porridge doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being super cool, but take a visit to one of the Copenhagen branches of Grød, and that’s all about to change. Top your porridge with apple and vanilla compote, hazelnuts, cocoa nibs and wash it all down with a chai latte. Perfect!

3.Your inner hippie is going to love Christiania Freetown


Like all the best cities, Copenhagen is split into little districts each with their own personality. The wildest of Copenhagen’s districts is Freetown Christiania, a small hippie commune in the city centre filled with green areas, vegetarian cafes and some pretty eccentric markets. Don’t forget to check out the delicious Morgenstedet Vegetarian restaurant! It’s well worth an afternoon cycle ride!

4. New Nordic Cuisine is super delicious and soon to be your new favourite food


We all know about Italian, Spanish and French cuisine, but Nordic Cuisine is the rising star in the European culinary scene. While in Copenhagen, make sure you visit one of the city’s many New Nordic restaurants. Many have set menus, but others are a la carte, with some delicious choices and incredible desert menus. We loved Pate Pate, located in the hip Meat Packing District in Vesterbro.

5. Nyhaven is super pretty and super photogenic

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The most recognisable part of Copenhagen has got to be Nyhaven, a colourful street set along a canal full of cafes and beautiful views. It might be super touristy, but its also super worth a few visits. You’ll grab some great photos too!

6. They have theme park right in the middle of the city


Yep, I’m talking right in the middle of the city! Walk out of the main train statin and you’ll instantly hear the screams of rollercoaster riders and see the tops of some of the highest rides. Tivoli is Europe’s second oldest theme park, and if you buy a Copenhagen Card, entrance is free. There are rides, tons of restaurants and cafes, outdoor theatres and green areas. There’s plenty here for both adults and kids (or big kids!).

7. Danish design is beautiful, sleek and you’re gonna want to take it all home


Scandinavian design has a reputation for being one of the world’s favourite interiors. But don’t just think of IKEA! What I loved so much about Danish design was the quirks between the white walls and minimalism. The Danish love decorating their homes with green plants and old vintage antiques. There are a bunch of stores around the city selling these goods and I guarantee you’ll want your whole home to look like a Danish design store!

8. You’ll love the Norrebro and Vesterbro districts


Think quirky streets, vintage shops and cafe culture galore. You can spend days exploring these areas and you’ll keep on going back. Norrebro is a short cycle outside the city centre, home of the Assistens Cemetery, a Saturday flea market and the lovely Jægersborggade (pictured above) which is filled with cafes and antique stores. In Vesterbro, located a short walk from the central train station, you’ll find amazing vintage stores and the Meat Packing District, a great place to eat and drink.

9. The locals are super beautiful and super happy


Ever wondered why Copenhagen continuously tops polls for the world’s happiest city? Well, go visit yourself and find out! It could be partly to do with the fact that everyone is blonde, tall, super cool and beautiful. And then partly to do with the fact that they live in a beautiful, well organised, green and friendly city.

10. The whole city looks a little like a rainbow fairytale 

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If you’re looking for an off the beaten track European city which is incredibly beautiful with tons to do, you can’t go wrong with a city break to Copenhagen. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with this place!

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