Before you continue, I’d just like to issue a small warning: the animals mentioned in this post are potentially richer, cuter and more well-travelled then you… and they definitely have more followers.

Like any rational person, I like to live vicariously through the Instagram accounts of furry little creatures I come across on the internet. That is to say, my feed is awash with animals who are already more successful in life than me, on all sorts of levels. I wasn’t aware my over-consumption of cats would ever take me anywhere in life – aside from a fast track to crazy cat lady – but thankfully it has brought me here to tell you all about the most sensational travelling furries to ever grace the touchscreen.

Get ready for some serious wanderlust, Insta-inspiration with a generous helping of “awww”.


  • The Traveling Cats

Whereas most regular cats have figured out the greatest joy in life: lounging about – these little cuties have figured out life’s two greatest pleasures: travel and lounging about, of course. Courtesy of their gracious fur-daddy these two Japanese rescue cats have come a long way! Find their sleepy little heads poking out of a rucksack in a variety of destinations including a whole lot of off-the-beaten-path in Japan, their motherland. And when they aren’t being dutifully carried around, they can be found lounging in their kitty-pram, and even on the odd occasion with their eyes open taking in the sights.

Best for: Unseen Japan and general cuteness.


  • Bolt & Keel

These tabby brothers were lucky to be given a forever home with Kayleen VanderRee after being abandoned as kittens. As a keen adventurer and photographer, Kayleen spends her free time taking these intrepid felines all over Canada’s wild, barren places. Giving a fresh perspective to some of British Colombia’s undeniably impressive scenery, their tabby coats seem to camouflage perfectly with the earthy trails and verdant woodland, where you can catch them wild camping and canoeing across pastel lakes. And – they even have a book!

Best for: Some serious Canadian wanderlust and brotherly love.


  • Henry & Baloo

This unlikely pair throws convention to the wind, proving that love is love, whatever the shape, breed, or size. One cat, one dog – and usually draped over each other or majestically staring off into the distance. Henry the dog and Baloo the cat – both rescues – live in Colorado with their adventurous parents Cynthia and Andre, who take their furry friends all over the state and beyond. Colorado is an undoubtedly beautiful place absolutely full of magical scenes, which are made only the better with Henry and Baloo’s budding friendship proudly on display – even if he does kind of wear her like a hat… Check out their website for more on their story.

Best for: Colorado inspiration, cuddles and lots of Homeward Bound feels.


  • Maria & Yoda

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Say cheese Yoda.

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I think we’re learning pretty quickly here that the best things come in two’s – and these guys are no exception. Maria and her beautiful little doggie Yoda post eerily magical shots of snow-filled landscapes, dreamy sunset hues and seem to have a knack for capturing their bond in the purest of ways. Yoda could also be the cleanest white doggy on the ‘gram! Their mix of bold colours set against subdued landscapes makes for some beautiful shots that really encapsulate the world of Instagram pet photography. And – I’m not gonna lie – this is precisely what I want for myself in a few years. Just me, the hills and a dog in a miniature waistcoat being ferried along in an overpriced hipster backpack. Yoda is also the face of Wolly Wolf dog accessories; what a little diva.

Best for: Cutsey shots, puppy love and dreamy colours.


  • Theron & Maggie

A road-tripping micro family, these guys have amounted a serious image library. From mountains and seashores to serine valleys this trio has managed to capture the love between man and dog unapologetically. Their greatest feat so far is an epic road trip from their home state of Utah all the way to Mexico, documenting along the way and even published a photo book of Maggie lounging her way across the US of A.

Best for: Road trip vibes, nomadic life, travel family feels.


  • Juan the Cat

Miyouji may not be the most refined Instagram account, or Juan the most beautiful cat – or have the best fashion sense, for that matter – but this cat has been to over 130 countries, supposedly! This account takes a different edge on the usual pastel tones and filters of the Insta-world and instead inserts a splash of comedy, which while aren’t pieces of photographic art, are bright, cheerful reminders of reality vs Instagram. One thing is for sure, you will know if you see Juan around the globe as his distinctive cat-sized sunglasses really affirm how cool this cat is, whether it be in NYC or climbing in California’s nature parks.

Best for: USA inspiration, lols and some serious cool cat.


  • Norm the Pug

Norm the pug lives a life on the open road traversing the USA with owner Jeremy in a quirky refurbished school bus. Jeremy’s story is an interesting one; he gave up his affluent career and home to live full time on the road and says he has never been happier. Norm is along for the ride and the perfect partner for some epic adventures – not to mention – the perfect muse. You can get a real insight into van life in the US through their unique, eccentric snaps. It perhaps goes to show that all a man ever really needs is a van, a dog and the road.

Best for: Van life vibes, pug portraits and all things bohemian.


  • Miffy the Bunny

Who could resist this adorable fluff ball? Apricot-toned Miffy may have amounted the most air miles of all rabbits; hailing originally from Taiwan, but now residing in New York City, this bun gets about. Miffy lives a cosmopolitan lifestyle that other bunnies can only dream of, hopping the sidewalks of NYC. And her Taiwanese owner Sami is living out her kawaii dreams designing rabbit accessories alongside! I’m glad that’s a thing; the world needs more adventurous, yet appropriately dressed travelling rabbits, if you ask me. Check out HappyFish handmade pet clothing on Etsy to kit out your furry friend.

Best for: NYC vibes, all things cute and some serious rabbit fashion.


  • Mr Pokee

While a hedgehog would not be my first choice of “cuddly” friend, I could make an exception for Mr Pokee. He’s come a long way from humble beginnings to become pretty damn famous (as far as hedgehogs go, anyway) with over 1 million followers! This little hog is probably putting some lucky kid through college somewhere. That smiley little face and legs akimbo paired with some seriously seductive backdrops mean Mr Pokee is really setting a precedent for hedgehogs everywhere. His owner has put a lot of seasonal thought into his pics, which would warm the hearts of even the most hardened travellers.

Best for: Cuteness overload, all the nature and teeny tiny little socks.


  • Kopernikk

This account is simply brimming with rustic beauty! One wolf-dog, one super talented owner plus the Czech countryside and just the right Lightroom presets seem to be the perfect recipe. Personally, I had never thought of visiting the Czech Republic in the winter as I have a general intolerance to cold, but now I’m having to rethink and maybe invest in thermal underwear. And amid the barren fields and snow-dipped treetops, a beautiful friendship is blossoming. You can really see the love on this one, so get ready for some serious broody feelings – towards dogs, that is. I really hope Kopernikk is getting some kind of credit from the Czech tourist board because he’s totally selling the whole alpine wonderland thing. Good work!

Best for: Winter wonderland, man’s best friend and nature at it’s finest.