Boy was it hard to pick just 10 out of the many great Instagrammers in France. When I started to search Instagram for the most inspiring French accounts I could find, I immediately got lost in lavender fields, tiny seaside towns, towering peaks, and, of course, shots of Paris from every angle. When I finally emerged from Instagram again, it was two days later. Not an exaggeration, I swear.

My love for France runs deep: I have an incessant fascination for the country, the people, the savoir-vivre. Three years ago, I made one of my dreams come true and moved there for my studies. I spent two glorious years in the midst of cheese, wine, and French flower shops, before I had to leave again. It has been a year since I’ve seen my home away from home, and knowing that I will move back there next year doesn’t ease this feeling that can only be described as homesickness.

So there’s no better distraction than losing myself in pictures of France on Instagram, right? Let me take you along with me – here are 10 Instagrammers who will make you want to go to France, immediately.

1. Juan Jerez (@juanjerez) 

Cloudy days. #Paris #missyou ☀️

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Everything that is to be said about Paris has probably already been said, but photographer Juan Jerez doesn’t use words to describe the city of love, anyways. His photographs are a collection of Paris from its most beautiful sides that you can just lose yourself in – oh, Paris.

#Paris roofs.

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2. Olivier Wong (@wonguy974)

Pinky sunrise reflection for my 1000th post 🎉

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Based in Paris, photographer Olivier Wong takes the prettiest pictures of the French capital come sunset. Bathed in orange light, his photos make you want to grab a croissant and a coffee and walk along the Seine, enjoying the moment. He travels frequently around the country, which makes for a varied feed – and his pictures of the rest of France are just as charming.

Wow, 3 sunny days in a row ! Can’t be much happier ! #montsaintmichel

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3. Dagmara (@dagmara_ch)

Ok nature, you win again.

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Dagmara does Paris away from the tourists – there is no Eiffel Tower, no Champs-Élysées, and no Louvre on her feed. Rather, she strolls through the little alleyways and secluded streets and snaps pictures of the Paris that locals know best. It almost makes you feel as if you were there as well, living the Parisian life.

Not all plant stores are created equal.

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4. Jasmine (@jasminetartine)

Happiness is getting lost in art with you.. Sometimes you don’t need to understand everything.. just let the heart feel.

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Flowers, breakfasts, and little coffee shops: that’s Jasmine’s vision of life in Paris. She takes you with her to museum visits, lets you share her view out of tiny windows, and walks with you through the streets of Paris, slowly, without the hustle of the big city. An Instagram feed like a dream.

Now Sunday can start… 🙃☕️

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5. Raul Alejandro Cabrera Ruiz (@raulcabrera)

Reprendre la conversation

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Raul’s aesthetic is very clean and simple: tiny people stand in front of vast surfaces, house facades, or empty roads. If he shows architectural highlights, they are always singled out against blue sky: no distractions.

Emptiness Avec @hebdomania à #EmptyElysee

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6. Arnaud (@arno_nice)

Paris is great and all, but France is a huge country and has a lot more to offer. Arnaud is a photographer based in the South of the country, in Nice. His feed is full of beautiful shots of nature, be it mountains or the seaside. He often plays with weather conditions – many of his photos are marked by an impressive display of clouds over troubled water. Gorgeous.

7. Astrid (@astrid_hugh)

Astrid’s feed is one of my favourites: she shows graffiti and street art. Her focus is definitely on Paris, even though she travels quite a bit to other cities and captures the best street art wherever that may be, as well. Her feed offers a completely different view of Paris – she snaps parts of it that are often overlooked or ignored.

8. Luc Lagasquie (@luclagasquie)

#SavoiebyLuc / France – Good weekend to you all! 🌿

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Luc Lagasquie takes us to the French mountains. The country has the highest mountains in all of Europe, and some of the most beautiful ones. As the mountain girl that I am, I am head over heels in love with his eery shots of grey rocks, snowy peaks, and soft hills. When he’s not in the mountains, Luc shoots old, falling-apart houses and quiet parts of cities.

Dreamy 🌿 #LotbyLuc #frenchfolks

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9. Marissa Cox (@ruerodier)

Marissa’s feed is about the little moments, the small things, the everyday pleasures: she snaps tea and coffee, food, tiny streets, and gorgeous houses. While she is based in Paris, she often travels around the world and takes her Instagram-followers with her. 

Favourite Sunday lunch in Paris 👌🏻

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10. Ylenia Cuéllar (@am_bitieuse)


Pastel colors and soft lighting: Ylenia’s feed is for all the dreamers, a paradise in pink. She describes herself as a “photographer with blogging tendencies”, and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. A wonderful feed for getting lost.

Today is an #icecream kind of day 🍦💕 @flo_ferre #uneglaceaparis #icecreamtime #parisjetaime

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There are so many more beautiful Instagram accounts out there based in and around France – this is only the tip of the iceberg. Do you know any good ones you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below which Instagram treasures from France I’ve been missing out on …