For some, traveling is as simple as throwing a t-shirt and a tooth brush into a backpack and locking the door behind them. For others, months of meticulous planning takes place locating and purchasing the perfect bikini, travel bag and accessories for their trip. If you fall into the second category you might (like me) also be a serious hoarder of utterly useless gadgets intelligent travel inventions which make your life on the road easier, funner and help bring a little piece of home or luxuryalong for the ride. If so, you might enjoy some of the random travel gadgets and paraphernalia I’ve been bookmarking for my upcoming travels. Enjoy:

Citra Sippa

Travelettes, do not worry, no longer is access to liquid refreshment or your daily allocation of Vitamin C a problem when traveling the world. Turns out, all you need is a Citra Sippa and an orange, grapefruit or lemon (if you’re woman enough for that much acidity). You simply stab the fruit with the contraption and drink like you would with a straw! The Citra Sippa was launched back at the 1933 World Fair by the grandfather of the current owner and apparently works great with Valencia and juice oranges.

Miss Army Kit

The Miss Army Kit is quite possibly the gadget every Travelette has been looking for since her first trip; it’s crammed with essential implements for the style-conscious girl on the go and it’s barely bigger than your lip gloss! This tiny travel gadget has 16 tools: containing a flashlight, key chain, needle and thread, perfume bottle, mirror, pill box, knife, nail file, tweezers and more. Just remember not to leave it in your hand luggage when flying to avoid it being taken from you by security.

Bloom Theory Customised Camera Straps

I’ve been admiring the beautiful camera straps from Bloom Theory for a long time now and I think the purchase of my new toy (a Canon EOS 60D) finally allows me to justify one of these. I’ve never really liked the big branded strap that most DSLRs come with and so finally here come a brand that allow you to inject a bit of femininity, style and glamor into the world of photography. I know it’s not going to help me take better photos but hey, at least I might look like I know what I’m doing!

Single use digital camera

Did you see our post about the Knäppa camera the other day? Buying a digital camera doesn’t have to be a big investment anymore – in fact you can now immortalize all those holiday snaps for facebook from as little as €10! Introducing the single use digital camera. The Ikea camera is proving hard to get hold of but we’ve found another available for you to purchase. Although I’m usually not a huge fan of disposable products simply from a over consumption / environmental perspective, I am rather intrigued by this camera – it would be really great to take to places you wouldn’t want to take you normal more expensive digital camera. It’s incredibly simple to use – just point and click and the camera takes up to 40 images. When you’ve finished you then have 90 days to download your pictures to print, email, upload and share amongst your friends.

Travalo Perfume Atomizer

As recommended by Travelette Nina, this little gem fits into any sized purse and is even cabin baggage approved meaning it’s perfect for short breaks. You simply fill the atomizer with a small amount of your own favourite perfume so that you can take a little bit of home comfort with you on your round the world trip. Now you don’t have to worry about smashing an expensive glass bottle when lugging your backpack around or loosing it.


Can you take your iPod for a swim? Well generally the answer to this would be no – not unless you want to have to buy another one shortly after your dip. However an American company, SwimPod, have found a way make your iPod swim proof without the need of a waterproof case or sealed bag meaning that you can use it in the pool or our jogging in the rain. I can only imagine how many disasters this could have helped avoid had I come across it earlier as a victim of 2 ipods down the toilet!

Reef Stash Sandals

Traveling alone is one of the most liberating experiences you can have but there comes a time for every Travelette when she’s a bit nervous about a particular neighborhood or walking through the streets at night with your cute clutch bag is just inviting trouble. So here come Reef to help us keep our money, cards and other valuables safe whilst wandering through a new city or at the beach. There is a secret tray in the sole of the shoe which slides out to hold personal items you want to keep safe and there is no way that anyone knows they’re there. So far there isn’t a high heeled addition available but hey maybe if there are any budding show designers reading…

Taking the shoe thing one step further Reef also have a paid of sandals with a built in bottle opener in the sole meaning that you never have to walk far to open that ice cold beer or soft drink.

Indestructible Wine Glass

Just because we’re traveling doesn’t mean we have to give up all hopes of a bit of glamor whilst on the road! This wine glass is made from (apparently) virtually indestructible Lexan Resin; meaning that no matter how much of a battering your back pack received the glass will still be in one piece when you reach your destination and are in need of a bit of sophisticated refreshment. The stem unscrews at the base of the glass for easy packing and storage.

Atomic Floyd Headphones

Probably one of the most expensive features on our list but possibly one of the best sets of headphones we’ve come across for travelling. They have something called 2-Way noise isolation which means your music stays in your ears (and doesn’t bug the person sat next to you on the train/plane/bus) and the world stays out (so he or she doesn’t bug you back). Their noise cutting ability makes them perfect for noisy flights or hostels where you just want to sleep and recharge your batteries and we’ve discovered that they’re pretty robust so you can step on them and they don’t break!
Image here


Okay, I’m lying if I was to say that I’d had this gadget bookmarked for my summer travels because quite honestly it really freaks me out … but at the same time I am utterly fascinated by the Shewee. My best friend used to work in a outdoors shop and always threatened to buy me one for my Christmas stocking. Thankfully she never went through with the bet and here I am, still undecided whether this is ingenuous or frankly gross! If you’ve never heard of a Shewee when you’re obviously not a regular camper or festival goer – a Shewee is a portable urinating device for women allowing us to urinate whilst standing and without removing clothes. Uncomfortable squatting, sitting on unhygienic toilets and embarrassing bare bottoms are officially a thing of the past. It’s apparently easy to use and discreet (although I don’t think my hysterical laughter whilst using it would help camouflage my attempts to empty my bladder with dignity) and if you needed any more convincing, the gadget is also supplied to armed forces worldwide! Have you ever used one? Was it useful or just a gimmick?

Photo via red5

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