As a digital publication with over 300,000 followers, Travelettes prides itself on being the traveling big sister for young women around the world.

Offering guidance before, during, and after trips, as well as personal anecdotes from experiences we’ve encountered first-hand, our content is varied and very often personal. The incredible support of the Travelettes community means we have readers from all over the world, but the Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted the lack of diversity we currently have as a publication.

Travelettes is actively recruiting new members (see the end of this article to find out how to apply), and we recognize that the Travelettes team not only need to represent the brilliant diversity of our readers but also offer a platform for Black travel writers, who very often go unrecognized in the industry.

Whilst recruiting takes time, pointing our readers in the direction of diversity and talent, doesn’t. So, here are some of our favorite Black travel bloggers for you to follow and read!

1. Jasmine, Thoughts from Jasmine

Jasmine is a London blogger whose website is a self-named ‘online scrapbook’ of her life. Whilst her Insta is a source of inspiration for any London trips you might have planned, her blog features content from across Europe, the USA, and Africa!

2. Ann, Ann the Adventurist

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When I first started traveling as an adult, I would collect fridge magnets or t-shirts with the destination's name to remember the country or city I visited. Nowadays I buy more practical products that I cannot find back home or are cheaper to buy where I'm visiting. Some items I've purchased are vanilla bean paste from Mauritius, maple cream from Canada, amarula essential oil from eSwatini (Swaziland), fresh red & green curry paste from Thailand, and red wine from South Africa. Do you bring back souvenirs from your trips? __ #peoplewhohike #seekthetrails #blackoutdoors #blackpeoplehike #blackgirlstrekkin #hikingculture #trekkingtoes #happypeoplehike #wekeepyououtdoors #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #wecoloroutside #seattlewashington #visitseattle #pnw #hikingwashington #pnwhiking #upperleftusa #explorewashstate #viewpnw #northwestexplored #naturalwashington #wanderwashington #hikingpacificnorthwest #pnwisbeautiful #womenwhoexplorewashington #choosemountainslater

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The clue is in the name of Ann’s blog – if you’re looking for outdoor adventure, Ann is a hiking queen. From Lake Garda to Cape Town, Ann’s guides offer advice and recommendations for popular destinations around the world.

3. Candace, Candace Abroad

Candace is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she an amazing travel blogger, she’s also the host and founder of Abroad & Co., a Gen Z/Millennial podcast which focuses on travel experiences and tips for those ‘young and abroad’.

4. Adebola, My Breaking Views

Adebola found her love of travel after studying abroad in Singapore. Alongside her love of travel and food, Adebola is the co-founder of Black Travel Creators, a platform, and community for black creators to connect and learn from each other’s experiences.

5. Adrina, Adrina Ruby

Adrina is another blogger who was inspired by a study abroad program. Originally from South Carolina, Adrina started her blog during her time in Seville, Spain, as a way to document her experience. It’s now expanded into a blog on travel, food, and how she’s navigating her way through life.

6. Kay, The Awkward Traveler–Mgx8h0iW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Kay’s blog description is ‘Memoirs of an ill-equipped tourist’ – which is extremely relatable. Although now a more seasoned traveler, Kay’s content continues to echo the sentiments of thousands of women as she creates honest, inclusive tips, trips, and travel guides.

7. Kareemah, Hijab Globe Trotter

Kareemah documents have experience as a Muslim woman traveling the world. Her blog is invaluable for women in the same position, but also hugely educational for others. From Winter Getaways to Things Not to Tell a Muslim Traveler, Kareemah’s content is varied and honest.

8. Francesca, One Girl One World<

If you haven’t heard of Francesca on the travel blogging sphere, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. Featured in the Washington Post and Forbes, Francesca’s blog is a fantastic resource for all things travel, but is particularly useful for anyone looking to teach abroad.

9. Michelle, Michelle Online


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Michelle’s words ‘I like to live life unapologetically, with a mind open to everything and attached to nothing…’ are extremely relatable, and clearly a sentiment she lives by. Her blog is full of recommendations and personal anecdotes for you to get lost in.

10. Efia, Effy Talks Life


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Effy’s blog and Instagram are a go-to if you’re in need of wanderlust and cheering up. She’s a champion for empowering young women and definitely doesn’t just talk the talk – her new e-book Girl, Solo has only just been released!

Whilst we endeavor and pledge to recruit a wider variety of women from all backgrounds and diversities, we hope this points you in the direction of the incredible Black travel writing talent out there.

If you are interested in becoming a Travelette, please email with some information about yourself and a sample of your work (writing and photography). Travelettes are empowered women from around the world who live and breathe travel, so if this sounds like you please get in touch!

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