The holidays are just around the corner. And while that certainly signals the time for bundling up in oversized sweaters and sipping warm beverages, it also means the season of giving is upon us! We’ve been your go-to guide for gifts before and this year we’ve rounded up 10 of the most awesome places to shop all things Christmas in Europe.

Shopping for gifts should be just as fun as actually giving them, so use this chance to get off the internet, get out into the world and snag some awesome stuff for your family and friends along the way.

Christmas Shopping

1. Hegdehaugsveien, Oslo

No one does the cold winter months better than the Scandinavians and nothing says great taste like sleek, minimalistic Nordic design. Whether it’s a cozy reindeer fur or chic kitchenware, gifting Scandinavian swag will not disappoint. If you’re in Oslo, head to Hegdehaugsveien off Bogstadveien, a shopping street lined with flagships and small boutiques from Scandinavian designers such as Moods of Norway and Kremmerhuset. Here you’ll have your pick of shops to peruse and countless wonderful gifts at your fingertips.

Norwegian Holiday Shop

2. East Teas in Borough Market, London

Find yourself in England? Give the gift that keeps on giving: tea. Not only will you be spreading traditional British fare, making even the best feel like royalty, you’ll also be helping that special someone brave the cold winter months. The East Teas in London’s Borough Market is the perfect place to stock up on loose leaves.

English Tea

3. Rue du Gros Horloge, Normandy

Head south from there by hopping on Brittany Ferries to take advantage of the good exchange rate and stock-up on French products or visit traditional Christmas Markets. Normandy’s Rouen is paradise for edible delights doubling as wonderful holiday gifts. Visit rue du Gros Horloge for cheese shops, caramel confectioners and calvados vendors alike!

Normandy Cheese and Wine

4. Striezelmarkt, Dresden

There’s no doubt that the holidays bring out the scrooges, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to prolong the holiday season as long as possible. The Christmas markets of Germany are just the place to sip mulled wine and fill your bags with one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is one of the oldest known Christmas markets around and is a goldmine for gift shoppers. Go with more traditional items like mini wooden carousels or huge German beer mugs or take your pick of unique handmade ornaments that will both please mom and keep the Christmas spirit alive and well.

Striezelmarkt Dresden

5. Jelmoli, Zurich

Fancy fondue? For travelettes in Switzerland, head to Zurich’s Jelmoli for a fondue-set that will delight your friends and set them up for future dinner party success. There’s nothing cheesy about fondue!



6. A Vida Portuguesa, Porto

Going further south? Head to  A Vida Portuguesa in Porto, a charming shop chocked-full of vintage inspired gadgets, handmade soaps, toiletries, textiles and more. Rest easy knowing that the goodies found here came straight from Portuguese designers – ensuring both an authentic and exclusive gifting experience. Picking up a woolen scarf, hand embroidered bag, or self-made soap for those you love will make you the gift-giving queen in your circle of friends.

A Vida Portuguesa

7. Gallo, Milan

No shopping guide would be complete without the global capital of fashion and design. For those on an Italian escapade, head to Gallo in Milan. Instead of your cliché designer watches or leather kicks, Gallo is a cotton retailer that has made high fashion out of high socks. Not your typical go-to gift for dad, Gallo socks are great for anyone who wants to emulate Italian fashion in a subtle way.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-16 um 11.04.39

8. Istanbul Cevahir, Istanbul

Want to send some love from your Eastern adventures? Wow your friends and family with traditional Turkish gifts. The Istanbul Cevahir is the biggest Mall in Europe and warrants a full-day trip. Tucked between the big brand stores are many local shops providing the perfect place to find killim rugs, peshtemal bath towels, handmade ceramics and cute copper coffee sets.

Turkish Rugs

9. Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square, Budapest

Take a break from the high street and join the crowds at Vörösmarty and St Stephen’s Square in Budapest. Here you’ll find a Christmas fair comprised of over 100 pavilions full of good luck charms, colorful Hungarian pottery and handmade honeycakes. For those travelettes searching for the real wow-factor, you can even get an iron cast candelabra made on-the-spot, just for you. Can’t get enough of Europe’s Christmas markets? Check-out this guide for more.

Christmas Fair Budapest

10. Etsy

Not traveling before the New Year? Not a problem. Etsy has its share of gift-worthy goods from dreamy destinations. Shop planters from Spain perfect for sweet succulents, tea towels from Latvia cute enough to spruce up any kitchen, or an oversized merino blanket knit in Ukraine to snuggle up in.

Warm Christmas Blanket

I hope you’re just as excited for the holidays as I am – now get out there and get shopping!

Have favorite shopping spots not on this list? Let us know in the comments below.