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Visiting Lucerne during the Festival of Lights

Switzerland is one of those slightly underrated destinations, which may have a good reputation for winter sports and snowy mountains
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How to Choose a Meaningful Travel Destination

However long, enjoyable, or expensive your next vacation is shaping up to be, your chosen travel destination tends to be
Cities, Hotels, Zurich

City-tripping in Zurich: our slow travel wellness break

When I think about a girls’ getaway weekend, Zürich in the middle of February doesn’t immediately come to mind. I


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5 Ways to Stay Safe on Dating Apps While Traveling

How many of us have dreamed of being sat in our airplane seat, anxiously looking for the man or woman
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The perfect 10 day itinerary for Japan during winter

“What would you like to experience?” Jennifer, the PR who helped me plan our Japan trip asked me over the
Traveling light is easier than you think and has a range of positive effects! Ditch the heavy suitcase and go minimal - you won't regret it.
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6 ways minimalism will improve your travel experience

Approximately 5 years ago my packing and unpacking routine would look something like this: a couple of hours before I


0 ways to keep romance alive when traveling with your partner
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10 ways to keep romance alive when traveling with your partner

To travel long-term with the love of your life might sound like the most romantic thing in the world… And
At Home, Guide F, Travel Prep

How to keep your home safe when you travel

Spending over a third of the year traveling, I am often away from home for weeks and months at a
Want to see how Harry Potter was made and visit iconic film sets from the Great Hall to the Ministry of Magic? Then visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour London!
Guide F, London, Places

Christmas at Hogwarts: The Complete Guide to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Here I am on the train, it’s finally happening. I boarded this train in London – had a little trouble


Switzerland, Wanderlust F, Zermatt

Of cheese, snow and a mountain – A weekend in Zermatt

Some people just like it hot, and I am definitely one of them. Anything below 30 degrees is not hot
Cabin in Sweden
Off the beaten track, Sweden, Wanderlust F

5 reasons why Sweden is the No.1 budget choice for nature lovers

I know, I know – “Sweden” and “budget” is not a common combination. Sweden is famous for being one of
Go off the beaten track and explore the Greek island of Crete! Here are 10 unmissable experiences to have in and around Chania.
Beaches, Crete, Top 10, Wanderlust F

10 Essential Experiences to have in Chania, Crete

Greek islands are increasingly popular amongst travelers for their rich cuisine and picturesque landscapes. The largest of them, Crete, oozes



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