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100 little things you can do to be happy anywhere

Written by 18 April 2012 24 Comments

It’s all about the little things. Yes, it’s easy to live fully in the moment and be bubbling over with happiness during a travel excursion, but how does one maintain that sense of adventure the rest of the time? It’s all about appreciating the small things, and setting positive events in motion. It’s about having fun and making life a never ending celebration. It’s about learning, growing, and thriving. If you do enough little things consistently, then they turn into big things, and before you know it you might realize you have found something very special: the ability to be happy wherever you are. Here is a list of little things you can do to enjoy life today. I dare you to do one a day from my list for 100 days. Enjoy!

1. Pick up that dirty penny, put it in your pocket, and know it will bring you good luck.
2. Walk the scenic route.
3. Give away the bus/gas money you saved, by walking, to someone who needs it.
4. Dance to bad music just because it’s playing.
5. Wave back at children when they wave at you.
6. Go to bed early.
7. Stay up all night.
8. Learn the cheesiest joke ever and tell it to strangers.
9. Climb a tree.
10. Cut/dye/change your hair.
11. Pick flowers for your house.
12. Call your grandma, aunt, mom, or someone you care about but haven’t spoken too in a while.
13. Tell them you love them.
14. Volunteer your time for a cause you care about.
15. Instead of tossing your extra food, box it up and give it to someone hungry.
16. Wear sexy underwear. Like really really skanky, sexy stripper panties.
17. Sit in the park and write in your journal.
18. Leave extra pennies you’ve accumulated on the ground for someone else to find.
19. Make your pet a Facebook profile.
20. Have your pet be friends with my dog, Goji Bear! (She’s had her profile for a long time)

21. Wake up early, make a cup of tea, and watch the sunrise.
22. Make fresh squeezed orange juice.
23. Buy cheap champagne.
24. Make mimosas and drink them outside in the sunshine.
25. Take a bubble bath.
26. Snuggle.
27. Plant something.
28. Instead of getting lost on the internet, get lost outside.
29. Say “yes” more.
30. Go through your clothes and give away what you don’t wear anymore. Better yet host a clothing swap.
31. Embrace the moment. Do something you’ve been putting off.
32. Shop at the outdoor market this week instead of a grocery store.
33. Paint your toenails an obscene color.
34. Perfect the art of listening.
35. Next time it starts raining, go in to the nearest restaurant or bar and tell them you left your little black umbrella there last week. Whichever one they show you say “That’s it! Thank you so much!”
36. If you already have an umbrella, tell your friend how to get a new free umbrella….
37. Instead of watching TV, read a book. It can be a picture book.
38. If you have a friend’s birthday coming up, plan a present to make for them instead of picking out something to buy.
39. MAKE IT.
40. Blow bubbles. Pop them before they pop.

41. Clean your room from top to bottom. Seriously.
42. Forgive someone who hurt you.
43. Go thrift store shopping. See how much you can get with $10.
44. Decide to only say positive things about other people and yourself.
45. Draw hearts and smiley faces on everything.
46. Daydream. Own your fantasies. Figure out which ones you can turn into reality,
47. Fly a kite.
48. Remember the silly things you did when you were a teenager.
49. Reach out to someone you did those silly things with and remind them of the shared memory.
50. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.
51. Next time you wear all black, make sure your socks are bright, silly and happy.
52. Bake cookies and share them.
53. Open up your windows.
54. Get off your ass and get outside.
55. If it’s raining jump in puddles.
56. Appreciate beauty. It’s everywhere as soon as you start looking.
57. Look for a four leaf clover.
58. Go through your scrapbook, junk drawer, wallet, and decorate your refrigerator/journal/corkboard with special notes, stickers, ticket stubs, and all those cute little things you don’t want to throw away, but don’t know what to do with.
59. Stop someone on the street and compliment them on their shoes, hair, smile, etc. Mean it.
60. Embrace your inner-dork. Let your inner-dork become an outer-dork and don’t apologize for it.

61. Wear that one shirt/dress/skirt you splurged on a year ago and still haven’t worn.
62. Smile at a non-creepy stranger.
63. Send a postcard to a friend who doesn’t live in your city anymore.
64. Light a scented candle.
65. Put a flower in your hair.
66. Leave a note on your receipt telling that sexy bartender he’s sexy.
67. Ride your bike.
68. Wear glitter.
69. Masturbate.
70. Help someone carry groceries.
71. Tell a pregnant lady that you hope she has a good birth.
72. Drink tequila.
73. Make a list of 10 reasons your life is great.
74. Don’t be afraid to say “no” when you mean it.
75. Take care of a sick friend.
76. Wear your highest heels and go to happy hour at your local gay bar.
77. Wearing outrageously high heels should be enough to spark conversations, but if not practice saying “Oh my god! Is that Justin Bieber????” (Or Lindsay Lohan. Or Ryan Gosling. You get the idea.)
78. Wash your sheets and shave your legs the same day. It feels so good!
79. Jump on the bed.
80. Meditate.

81. Ask someone for help when you need it.
82. Leave a big tip.
83. Take pictures of you and your friends in silly group shots. Sober.
84. Next time someone asks you for help, do it.
85. Eat chocolate. Good chocolate.
86. Learn how to take a compliment. Smile, look the giver in the eye and say “thank you.” It’s that simple.
87. Instead of meeting your friends for a fancy dinner where everyone is going to fight over the bill, host a potluck.
88. Try to cut processed foods out of your diet.
89. If you want to cry, then let it out.
90. Realize that every hardship you have gone through has made you stronger and wiser.
91. Take a nap in the sunshine.
92. Learn how to purrrrrrrrrrr.
93. Walk around barefoot on the Earth.
94. Get your hands dirty.
95. Take a long, hot shower, preferably while singing off-key.
96. Next time you go out for a night on the town, draw mustaches on you and your friend’s fingers. See how many strangers will do it too.
97. Do yoga.
98. Write someone who inspires you a letter and tell them that they inspire you.
99. Remember: confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Wear it with pride.
100. Smile and say thank you for being alive.

Mmmmmmmm! Just re-reading that list makes me smile. I would love to have more little happy things added in the comments below….

photo creds: dave knapik: bubbles,steve b kennedy: meditate,cudunko: goji and dork, others: my own

* post written by Kyra Bramble. To read more of Kyra’s, check out her website.


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  • Antonia Sophie said:

    brilliant article!
    -give out ‘free hugs’ to strangers
    -bike to the nearest lake and take a swim at night
    -appreciate good literature
    -buy a ticket and just leave

  • Naomi said:

    This is p-e-r-f-e-c-t!! (:

  • Stacey said:

    Sing a karaoke tune to a song you secretly love infront of a whole bunch of people!

    Already achieved. ;)

  • Jen Ruhl said:

    Inspiring! Thank you :-)

  • Conni Biesalski said:

    Great stuff! The last one is a nice ending…

  • Lea said:

    Inspiring and some great ideas! I have a list kinda like that, maybe I should write it down to make sure I’ll stick to it ;)

  • Sonja said:

    inspiring list!

    * cook some gorgeouse food with your friends and give it to homeless people

    * sing mantras

    * host a vegan bake sale

    * eat lots of raw food

    * write down 5 things for which you are grateful for (every day before going to sleep)

    * create something with your own hands (e.g. knitting, art journaling etc)

  • Jim said:

    How about a single guys version? Some of these are things us guys just don’t like (i.e. shopping) or can’t do (snuggle).

  • Kyra said:

    Yay! I am so happy this article i getting such great feedback! And all the other ideas are awesome as well. I think this calls for another 100 reasons… look for it in a few months…

    @Stacey- Thanks for popping my karaoke virginity! Katy Perry forever!


  • Angela said:

    Truly simple but definitely effective little things!

  • Wanderplex said:

    Fun and inspiring! Thanks :)

  • Elodie said:

    Love it! Actually I can make #92 pretty well. And I’m very proud of it! :)

  • Rosalie said:

    Smile, laugh, bookmark, save page, share link, plan for tomorrow’s activity. That’s what I did when I read this article. Thankyou!! :)

  • denis said:

    You forgot non solitary sex. My dirty mind sees it it some places but it should be openly stated: sex is good for your mood!

    And smile at creepy strangers : too they need it more!

    Always take an opportunity to dance.

    Share a dance with kids. Dance with an old person.

  • denis said:

    Ho and be very careful with 71… make sure it’n not just someone who *looks* pregnant… although that BECOMES another fun story in itself…

    I would also add:
    -dance naked at home (don’t mind the windows)
    -visit your friends all over the world
    -do handstands!
    -make good memories for the future every day (or try)
    -meat is might!

  • Marisa Christensen said:

    Write your child a love note or draw a picture of the two of you and leave it somewhere for them to find. The smile and hug you get when they find it will make your day!

  • Amanda said:

    If you see a fountain, lounge on it for awhile and people watch. And if you can, secretly dip your toes in. hehe :)

  • Catherine said:

    Beautiful! :)

  • Mayank said:

    * Watch clouds
    * Talk to a stranger about any topic
    * Observe other peoples’s life and feel other’s life
    * think of a joke and smile
    * take a long breath and say ‘Yessssssssssssssssssssssss’.

  • Feli said:

    Really cool ! Life and Traveling never get boring ;)

  • ASHRAF said:

    AWESOME idea . really we feel better if we sudden try to do it .

  • Lena said:

    Thank you for the list, Kyra :)

    I’d also add:

    – find a cafe with a comfy couch or chair, get coffee, watch people, read, spend the afternoon there

  • Aisha said:

    I loved reading this and thinking of the moments when we’ve popped bubbles, potlucked, and snuggled!

    Some of my current favorites are:

    *Instead of watching TV make shadow puppets with friends
    *Spend an hour in a hammock
    *Make iced tea in jars and label them with cute notes for your roomates to find in their section of the fridge.
    *Write a happy thought on your bathroom mirror!!

  • dee said:

    this is cool… been doing some of these but not consistently.. maybe i can add

    – ride a train all the way to its last station and back
    – play an instrument and sing along
    – get on an airline site and try to book for destinations you havent heard of just to check how much would it cost
    – dance around your room naked
    – fill your room with post its or colored lights
    – spot funny signages and capture them
    – watch a classic romantic movie and note down lovely and cheesy phrases
    – try a hard core type of a massage or acupuncture
    – send a hi to all names on your phonebook and see how many replies you’ll get
    – find a hiding spot in the city you can call yours other than your residence
    – play laser tag with strangers

    i love this exercise.. :)

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