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Viva Las Vegas

Written by 2 June 2010 3 Comments

Vegas was not what I expected. In mind I had an image of sequin-dress wearing ladies with long cigarettes throwing dice while drinking whisky and flirting with men in suits. The reality of Vegas, however, were denim-shorts wearing, beer-drinking, balding tourists who come to gamble their lives away or get wasted on drinks, strong enough to put out the Norwegian Football team.The only thing I liked about it was the fact that you could get a room at a 4-star hotel for less than $50. So when you do go to Vegas, prepare to possibly spend most of your day by the pool of your fancy hotel or go out and take snapshots…

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  • Lynne said:

    I visited Vegas about three or four times… well, I must admit that I kind of like it but more for the nice hotels, a bit of entertainment on a small spot (just like Broadway) and of course, the beautiful landscape that surrounds the city in the valley… I got a bit dreamy when I spotted the mountains far, far away on your first picture. Did you stay at the MGM? Loved the snap shots that you took and you should definitely check out Old Las Vegas when you get the chance. Maybe this is more like what you had in mind where one will meet most likely Vegas locals in tiny, nostalgic casinos.

  • katja (author) said:

    hey lynne,

    yep, i did stay at the mgm grand. because it was the cheapest deal for a 4-star hotel i could find :)

    i did go to downtown to see the old casinos. that was ok, i suppose. i also found one of the most incredible vintage shops i have ever seen. more on that later…

    it was ok to see for once, but i definitely think you ought to go with someone who wants to make it a good time.

  • Lynne said:

    MGM is a decent hotel and offers quite fair deals. Never been there as I always used to check in at the Luxor because I got a discount there and one time we booked a small holiday appartment which was also very nice as this wasn’t the typical hotel atmosphere and you could almost feel more like a local or something. That was when we spent most of the time all around the valley. (Have you been to the Valley of Fire by any chance?)

    The blonde bombshell on the picture reminds me on a celebrity or playmate or something but I can’t recall her name. Who is she?

    Oh, I am looking forward to finding out about your vintage shopping. I immediately had to think of Vantinos or The Attic. I realized way too late that one could find amazing vintage shops all through downtown and the Arts district, areas I haven’t been to on early trips (mainly because I didn’t know about them back, I guess).

    So nice that you take us along your road trip in words and pictures. Looking forward to reading and seeing more.

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