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Try walking in my shoes

Written by 26 September 2013 5 Comments

There is no denying it, the life of a travel blogger comes with many perks. We get to go on trips to amazing places, meet people we’d never normally have met and every once and so often we get to test drive cool stuff. Still my girly favorite product to review: shoes.

camper shoes

The popular Spanish brand Camper has invited me to literally walk in their shoes for a day as part of their #whereistand campaign (check on the hashtag on Instagram).

I picked out the Capara model which comes with an elegant design and a smooth black leather shell that hides an awesomely practical 2-tone rubber sole that anybody who has walked through summer rain before will appreciate. For a long time Camper has been on my radar for making shoes that are both stylish and great for traveling as they often suit many occasions. The Capara babies are the ideal dress up for your foot for both the outdoors and a fancy restaurant – try and beat that!

So how did I spend my day with these shoes? I didn’t want it to be just any old 24 hours, where I ride my bike to a yoga class and back, so I waited for the appropriate occasion. It came in the shape of a day on the river, when Kathi and I went crusing with the Wasserkutsche (we wrote about it here). What better way to test rubber soled shoes than a day on the water, right?

camper shoes

I’m happy to report that the Caparas lived up to all my expectations and when it started raining I mentally gave myself a pat on the back for not having made a mistake by not bringing a second pair of shoes. Kathi was not quite as lucky (and dry) with her sneakers so we crafted pretty plastic bag covers for her shoes.

camper shoes

Furthermore my shoes did a marvelous job sitting pretty on my feet as I lay on the rooftop of our boat, watching trees, houses and the city of Berlin go by. Looking stylish while river cruising: check.

camper shoes

At the end of the day, we parked our boat in a cute little bay and started collecting wood for a fire. Turns out wet wood doesn’t make a great bonfire (bummer), but we still had fun watching the sun set over the lake. And instagramming our feet.

camper shoes

Thanks for my new shoes, Camper and full credit for not getting me sick on that rainy day.

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  • Sussy said:
  • Katelyn said:

    I love these shoes! When I lived in Spain these shoes were everywhere. I’m so jealous of your travels through your blog! Hopefully someday mine will make it there =)

    xoxo, K

  • Heather said:

    I like the photo theme in your review! Always on the lookout for shoes that look good and don’t bite the dust (or my heels) after an April shower.

  • Joel Samper said:

    So dissapointed of Camper brand, I am actually living in Spain and the two pair of shoes i have bougth, both were damaged after a season of normal use, those are not my only pair of shoes (owner of 20 pairs) however they were not able to survived. Actually today I habe just received a total refound for the summer pair, but the damage on the waterproof boots that makes my foot wet, the said it’s because excess of use, and my way of walk! Wont buy or recommed a pair of Camper ever! Nice design poor quality, awful customer service!

  • Calley said:

    Awesome article! I’m currently living and traveling in Ireland and this gave me a great idea for my blog! You definitely need a lot of shoes to live here!

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