Anyone who’s ever been a university student will be familiar with those mornings after long and eventful nights out: all you want to do is  crawl back under the sheets, but both the sunlight beaming through cracks in the curtain and the heap of books at the foot of your bed, waiting to be read, prevent you from doing so. Get up and out of bed and an incredible headache will grace you with it’s presence. Go back to sleep and you will feel absolutely lousy guilty all day long.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Manchester, you will never encounter this kind of a predicament. Why? Because of a magic little place called Trof.



Step inside and soak up the unique atmosphere, a blend of alternative student bar and your best friend’s living room. Alone the random collection of ornaments and decorations adorning walls and ceiling point towards the multifunctional nature of this place. Trof doubles as a café and restaurant during the day and a bar/alternative music venue at night.




I was introduced to Trof during a recent weekend trip to Manchester, when a good friend of mine took me here for both the obligatory early-evening pint of cider black, as well as the previously mentioned Sunday morning hangover breakfast. Sitting on the balcony, soaking up the sun and equipped with a full English breakfast and a cup of strong coffee, there was nowhere else  I would have rather spent the morning. In fact, by the time we left, the place was jam-packed with students, conversing over caffeine-infused drinks and fried breakfast food.





However, Trof is not only the place to be for curing one’s post-party headache. Both the comfortable interior design and the infamous selection of to-die-for milkshakes invite one to haul those dreadful course books along and settle down for a small study session. As well as being host to various small art exhibits in the in-house gallery, Trof also puts on a number of evening events, ranging from open mic nights to dj sessions, live gigs and poetry nights.

For more information, have a look at the official website. And by all means, if you’re ever in the area, go and check it out- I know I’m already planning my return to the place that gave me unrealistic expectations for the perfect student hang-out!