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Tree Camping

Written by 26 April 2011 32 Comments

If you’ve been going through life thinking that camping was boring, you probably have never heard of tree camping.

Wait, what? A tent in a tree? Yup, that’s right. This up and coming way to enjoy the outdoors is not for everyone, certainly not for people with a fear of heights, but quite possibly great for those with a fear of bears (while bears can climb trunks of trees, they are not likely to sneak into your tent that’s hanging from a branch).

This unusual way of camping is mostly found on offer by adventure holiday providers, as a childfriendly, not too far from the ground version. Provided by by this Dutch and this German company for example.

Depending on your front lawn, this might also work as a fantastic alternative to a tree house:

Probably our favorite tree tent is the one designed by Dutch designer Dré Warpenaar whose initial idea was to create a habitat for activists fighting to preserve trees and forests. However, the invention caught on fast with camping lovers the world over, who enjoy being swayed to sleep.

Another alternative, seeming a bit less scary to me is the treepee. Also a tent hanging from a tree, but which is additionally secured to the ground, if you don’t like the swaying. The makers of this treepee do not recommend hanging it higher than 50cm above ground, though.

And what’s the best part of tree camping? The view….

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  • Lorna - the roamantics said:

    that’s incredible! the last photo especially- unreal! i’ve always wanted a treehouse and these days think i could probably even live in one, so staying in one like this while on the road? now on my list! great post :)

  • Katja (author) said:

    lorna – i’ve already started talking about a communal tree-camping trip this summer, maybe you can join?!

  • Sophie said:

    wow! the tree camping sounds great! unless you need to pee in the middle of the night…

  • mary said:

    i would SOOOO be down for a tree camping trip!!

  • Iain Mallory said:

    That looks like great fun & love that last image, that really looks awesome, thanks.

  • ayngelina said:

    The last photo is amazing.

  • Chloe said:

    Such a great idea :-) It looks like so much fun!

  • Cailin said:

    I would soooo fall out of that thing!!!
    Looks awesome though, especially the last photo :)

  • Seattle Dredge said:

    Ohhh wow, the last one looks amazing!

  • Cornelius Aesop said:

    Why do you think we monkeys hang out in trees so much. Finally some of you are catching on.

  • Don Faust said:

    We want to stay in one of these. There is actually a place on Vancouver Island, Canada, north of Victoria with these spheres. We plan to go there this summer. http://www.freespiritspheres.com/

  • Andrea said:

    These are very cool – if not a little scary because of the heights

  • Lucas said:

    I would love to try this.
    It seems so cool, didn’t even know it existed tbh.
    That last picture just looks stunning.

    Better than staying in a gelert horizon 8 (it’s a tent) all spring.
    Ill have to do this next year at some point.

  • Jeremy Branham said:

    Wow, that is definitely unique! That will help keep the bears away or either put you in a REALLY bad position if they find you! :)

  • Angela said:

    That looks like a nice experience to make, I probably won’t be able to sleep from fear my tent can fall down the tree, but I would do it ;)

  • Donna Hull said:

    I’m a travel princess but I could definitely camp in trees, as long as they bring me my morning coffee :-).

  • Cam @ Traveling Canucks said:

    That is so cool! I’ve never even heard of these before. Looks fun!

  • Michael said:

    Interesting. I’d stay in one of those.

  • Red said:

    Yes please for tree camping. I’ve looked up tree house camping / hotels on various travels and was surprised how many are out there, but have yet to stay in one. Also want to sleep up in the canopy of the jungle somewhere too…great pics and fun story.

  • Karrin said:

    tree camping LOL! I dunno sounds ify? but looks cool:)

  • Ken Kaminesky said:

    That looks like fun!

  • Christina said:

    That looks like it’s right up my alley. I love camping. I’d love to stay in the tree tent in the 2nd picture! How very cool.

  • Nate said:

    would love to do this at some stage
    Camping like this…Haven’t seen anything like it really..
    one word – Epic!

    Nate Skyler
    I hate my job but
    i make hybrid bike reviews lol

  • batangas townhouses said:

    Tree camping sounds cool. That night picture with hanging tent was amazing. The view must be really relaxing. I would love to try sleeping in one of those tents.

  • Fida said:

    Why am I still pitching my tent on the ground when I could sway in the trees?

  • FourJandals said:

    I wish I could see inside these to see what they look like, especially the pod shaped ones!

  • Sara said:

    This is a fantastic idea..perfect for dreamers!!!
    I hope to try soon.

  • kyla said:

    Where is that last picture at??

  • Kristen said:

    Where was the last photo taken?

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  • coursesmart Offline Error said:

    Thanks , I’ve recently been hunting for facts about this subject for any whilst and yours may be the best I have found out till now.

  • janie batarla said:

    How do you get up into these things? The ones dangling from a branch & no offense but how do you handle a call of nature?

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